I love looking for Jesus in my days.

We encounter God in the ordinariness of life, not in the search for spiritual highs and extraordinary mystical experiences, but in our simple presence in life.  Brennan Manning

That’s why I blog.

Let me tell you some quirky things about me — “stuff” that brings a smile to my face.

  • hugging my husband
  • chocolate and chai
  • signing for the deaf
  • storms
  • speaking to women’s groups and tea one-on-one
  • adventures with our grandson, Phoenie
  • fresh laundry drying on the clothesline
  • sitting on my big, blue pondering chair, reading the Bible
  • popping bubble wrap
  • red onions and green apples
  • back and neck massages
  • Jelly Bellies (NOT buttered popcorn flavour)
  • popping homegrown cherry tomatoes into my mouth
  • the perfect cadence on my road bike
  • Inukshuks
  • homemade Smoothies
  • flannel sheets
  • Tootsie Pops
  • jumping waves
  • checking off “To do” lists
  • newborn toes
  • laughing until my stomach hurts
  • funky silver bracelets
  • crocheting blankets for people I love
  • lying in bed, listening to the rain outside
  • getting into “soft clothes”  after a long day
  • water balloon fights
  • forehead kisses


  1. A great beginning Diane!
    I can relate to “life becoming more complicated and more demanding”. So looking forward to hearing from other women of all ages!!

    • I love the new direction that God is leading you in, it is so inspiring.
      I would love to be a part of this journey.

      Loraine Royes

  2. Diane, this looks GREAT!:) I love how you changed it, and you have a profile pic:)!!!

  3. Its a very interesting idea…. I have so often wished for more opportunities for intergenerational relationships – it really does take a village- not only to raise children- but to grow fuller more compassionate adults and hopefully ones with a little wisdom.
    Perhaps we spend too much time in our own age cohorts especially in this consumer led culture. We brand ourselves willingly, consciously and unconsciously.
    Me, I still like to go to churches where I can see gray hair, lots of it and maybe, just maybe, learn something if I listen enough. I only wish I could think like a seventy year old before my time.
    May this book come through your gracefully and I hope you also know how much the way you interact with women leaves a lasting mark– that is both felt and deeply appreciated.

    Best wishes with this and my best to all women involved. May this grow.

  4. Diane…saw your blog on Chris’ facebook. So excited for you in this season of your life. So excited that you decided to take this step and truly follow your passion to write and the gifts God has given you. I’ll continue to read and see where things go…until then God bless you in this season and I pray the you indeed use it for His glory!

  5. I am just checking out my aunts blog. Nice dumptruck accomplishment.

    Keep it up. It’s nice to read whats happening in your life.

    Merry Christmas
    Love Lindsay:)

  6. so great 🙂

    • Thanks, Tim…so good to spend some time with you and Coco yesterday! Loved every minute of it! Looking forward to seeing you and the crew later this week! Merry Christmas! Diane

  7. Love following Your blogs! I wanted to share the AmenAmen on FB but could only share on LinkedIn …. Any ideas?

  8. Diane….I’ve had a lovely time reading your blog and your stories.
    I’ve been trying to figure out where you are….not the States for sure. 😉
    It’s a pleasure to have met you. Thanks for taking the time to invite me for a visit.


    • Hi Diane,Thanks for checking out my blog! I am enjoying your blog as well!
      We are living in Canada!

  9. Hi Dianne, loved reading your Hairbrush Trilogy posted back in April 2012! It certainly brought back memories for me. Any more memories from you? Edgar

  10. Diane – I have new publishing thoughts – been a while, but email me if you can or facebook me a message – Debbie

  11. I just was allowed in by overflow. Perhaps you should check with them? I wanted to say big thanks for the follow, and for your blog.

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