Posted by: Diane | July 5, 2014


The OVERFLOW! group met today and we had a great time! We missed you Lesley, Coco, Suzanne, Linda, Anneke and Elizabeth!

OVERFLOW! jumping

It took a while to coax everybody into the lake for a water walk but I set the pace, jumped right in and soon, most of the group followed. There was some moaning and groaning about the temperature of the water but we managed to get about a half hour of aqua-exercise before people started complaining about numb fingers.

It was a real joy to give each of the women a copy of my book, Sisters in the Son, because these ladies are the “stars.”  The book is about the four year experience of this OVERFLOW! group and it was fun to reminisce about our wonderful times together.

We laughed, ate, told stories, learned how to tweet, (well, to be honest, it was me who was getting lessons from the sixteen-year-old women), we tubed behind the boat, jumped waves, sat in the sun, took pictures and thoroughly enjoyed seeing each other again.


OVERFLOW! relaxing


Interesting end of the day — my husband was moving his car back into his parking spot after one of the women had left. He was surprised to see a dead raccoon, lying smack in the middle of his spot. The raccoon had been dead for quite some time and had apparently fallen from the underside of my friend’s car.

Thanks for the lovely hostess gift, Karen! 🙂

I pray that your love will overflow more and more, and that you will keep on growing in knowledge and understanding.  Philippians 1.9 NLT




  1. woops sorry about that! I didn;t kill it- honest – ????

    • What are the chances of carrying a raccoon carcass on the bottom of your car???? Definitely a topic of neighbourhood conversation! 🙂

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