Posted by: Diane | June 30, 2014

Love Leads The Way

Yesterday afternoon, Chris and I were able to take the boat out to the middle of the lake, jump in and swim to our hearts’ content. It’s an unspoken rule around here that we must experience the lake TOGETHER for the first time of the swimming season. I mean, it’s OK if Chris gets a little wet while he puts in the dock but intentionally and joyfully jumping into the deep, cold water? THAT’S something we do together.

After floating around on big noodles for twenty minutes, Chris climbed back into the boat to listen to some old tunes on the radio and I began a 40-minute water workout. We were both happy, doing our own thing, together, in the sun.

When we arrived back home, we worked as a team to get the boat back on the marine railway and apparently, our neighbour was listening to us talking back and forth.  A few minutes later, I headed upstairs and started taking the fresh-smelling laundry off the line. I yelled down to Chris, who was in the boathouse — “hon, would you mind hanging these sunglasses on the cupboard door?”

Our neighbour walked over to our property and said, “Boy, it’s nice to hear your wife ASK you to do stuff. My wife just TELLS me what to do.”

Later on that evening, as we were having dinner, I reminded Chris that people are always watching. They’re observing how we treat each other and how we live our lives.

I’m so thankful for a healthy marriage — and the glory goes to God. Chris and I have been married for almost ten years and we’ve grown closer each year as we experience the ups and downs, the joys and the pain of life.

We just keep holding hands . . . and respecting each other.

We work hard at not taking each other for granted. We celebrate little successes and big accomplishments. We still write each other love notes, always stand at the door and wave when one of us drives away, always meet each other at the front door when we arrive home, and thoroughly enjoy being in the same room, doing absolutely nothing together.

People recognize good marriages.

I know I do. We have some neighbours who have a beautiful friendship and love for each other. I’m made comments about this because it’s so lovely to see two people loving each other well.

Chris and I don’t always agree. In fact, we see life from VERY different windows but the maturity in our relationship has come about by celebrating these differences, not resenting or merely tolerating them . . .

. . .  and it’s always seems to boil down to being kind to one another.

Blaise Pascal once said, “Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.”

One of my favourite quotes about kindness is from Scottish evangelist, Henry Drummond. He reminds me that kindness needs to be a quiet lifestyle.

After you have been kind, after Love has stolen forth into the world and done its beautiful work, go back into the shade again and say nothing about it.


be kind ...even if you disagree on stuff


  1. Love this!! Yes , you and chris do have a visible good relationship!
    A joy to behold! I love your “kindness picture”!

  2. Thanks Diane. I needed to read this. Not that I’m unkind, but it need to be reminded that others are watching, and it is so God Honoring!! 😄

  3. Loved your comments today. Rob and I are so aware that our children are always watching. We also are so different but in the end love always shines thru

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