Posted by: Diane | June 24, 2014

Adventures In Atlanta

Yesterday was the first day of my first trade show . . .

welcome to Atlanta

. . . and it’s been quite the adventure!


I didn’t realize that my feet could hurt so much! I brought three different pairs of shoes and for the last two hours yesterday and this afternoon, I went barefoot! It was just brutal to stand in one place for eight hours. I stood at that corner cap, shown in the picture below, handed out book selling cards and engaged people in conversation. I must say that it was a really difficult thing to do for two days . . .

Xulon booth

but I survived!

showing my book

When I first arrived yesterday, I just stood there, holding my book. I had no idea how to “do” a trade show but I quickly realized that people weren’t about to approach little o’ me. If there was going to be any conversations, I was going to have to be the initiator. I approached a middle-aged woman, explained what my book was about and asked her if she would like a book card with my contact information. She looked at me and responded with, “I’ll take your card but to be honest, I’m just going to throw it in the trash.”


I’m not sure where I got the courage to continue my marketing strategies after that strong rejection but I managed to stay for another seven hours and I must say that things only got better . . .

. . . so I came back for another day!

I met magazine editors, big name authors, inquiring women, book store owners, leaders of women’s ministries and marketers of “everything Christian” you can imagine. I accumulated a pile of free books as well but I can’t possible bring them all back so I will be giving them away to the hotel people at the front counter.

I’m learning that marketing a book is harder work than writing one!

I asked a lot of questions and gathered a great deal of useful information about marketing my book but the best part of this experience has been meeting fellow authors and sharing battle stories.

friends:fellow authors at Xulon

It’s been a good couple of days but I’m really looking forward to going home and sitting on our swing by the water with my husband. We’ve got a lot to catch up on because once again, I have been reminded . . .


everybody has a story





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