Posted by: Diane | June 23, 2014

Passion City

515 church address

This is where Passion City is — 515 Garson Drive, Atlanta, Georgia.  It’s just a building — a renovated Home Depot, I believe . . . but it’s AMAZING inside and it certainly was a wonderful way to spend three hours this past Sunday morning.

We were greeted with these beautiful words in the front foyer . . .

awakened from the dead

. . . and the place where 2500 people gathered for the 12:30 service was HUGE.

big space

On a normal Sunday morning, Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin lead the way in extravagant worship – word and song.

Incredible music. Challenging message about generosity.

While we were waiting for the service to start, I noticed a table in the distance with some lightbulbs in it.


After the service was over, many people walked over to the table, screwed a lightbulb into the wall, and celebrated.

screwing in the lightbulb

I was really curious about this and talked with the lady in the green shirt. She explained that whenever someone comes to the Lord in this church, they are encouraged to come to the wall, tell their story, be prayed for and light up a lightbulb in remembrance of this experience.

all lit up

Apparently, there have been MANY people who have come to the Lord since January, 2014. Each lightbulb represents a new believer.

Friendly people. Passionate worship. Wonderful Sunday.




  1. How wonderful that you could be a part of this Christian Community!
    We always look forward to returning to the inspiring church community in Clearwater each winter. Balm for the soul. Praying you will continue to be blessed in your time away. Hugs. Kathy

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