Posted by: Diane | June 18, 2014

God’s Presence, My Peace


God in the background

True . . . God does cause truth to surface, understanding to prevail and hearts to heal.

It takes time and patience. Waiting is always difficult.

But I believe that God also works in the forefront of life too.

Yesterday, I went shopping with my daughter because her birthday is next week and I’ll be in the States on her special day. So, we hung out for a few hours and had a wonderful time together.

We popped into smallMart (the little store where I work part-time) for a few minutes and I found this little solar-powered flower. To be honest, I’ve been looking for one of these for the past year — I saw one on someone’s dashboard last May and loved it. At the time, Chris and I were on holiday out west and I looked in many stores for this little gadget but couldn’t find it.

Then I forgot about it.

. . . and it showed up yesterday — just where and when I needed it — so, I put it in my car.

solar flower

It was a very cloudy, rainy day yesterday and for the first couple of hours, this little flower didn’t do much.

Mid-morning, the sun began to break through and the flower began to dance — slowly at first but it danced, nonetheless.

By early afternoon, this flower was bopping, non stop.

Last night, as I read my Bible, I realized that I too, am powered by the Son.

In the midst of this cloud-covered day, there were glimpses of the sun.

In the midst of this cloud-covered day, there are glimpses of the Son.


I miss dancing . . . but I know those days are ahead.

For in him we live and move and have our being. Acts 17.28 NIV


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