Posted by: Diane | June 11, 2014

Tea Truth


you can't buy happiness but you can buy tea..

In my world, this is truth.

In fact, tea makes me so happy that I have a tea tray. Now, it’s not just any tea tray. It’s overflowing with teas from all over the world because everybody knows that I love tea. When friends come visiting, that’s what they bring.

tea tray

I think this love for tea is genetic because my daughter has a tea tray too! 🙂

I’m drawn to all things tea and I seldom walk out of a tea shop without a handful of tea gadgets, a new tea cup and a “I’ve GOT to try that new tea” type – the latest is Cinnamon Heart pu’erh tea from China.

There aren’t many teas that I don’t like but I’m famous for serving my special chai tea, lots of froth and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

Tea makes me happy. It just does.

There is a great deal of Poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of Tea. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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