Posted by: Diane | June 6, 2014

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

I know – the title of this post is kinda’ cheesy. . . but it’s true.

A loud and heavy train shook the house early this morning and woke me up in the middle of a disturbing dream. Has this ever happened to you? – not a train shaking your house, but being abruptly woken up in the middle of a disturbing dream in the early hours of the morning? It’s such a tough way to start the day. A sad and grumpy mood prevailed over me as I shuffled through my morning routines, despite the beautiful, sunny day and the cool breeze blowing through our bedroom window. Normally, this kind of morning makes me smile and I jump out of bed, ready to tackle the next 24 hours.

But not today.

The moment came when I had to choose whether to head downstairs, carrying my burden of moodiness or make a conscious choice to change my attitude and give my husband a big hug, down in the kitchen. It sounds like a “no-brainer” choice but to be honest, it was a real battle to “snap out of it” and get my thoughts to a good place.

It is so easy to mindlessly allow our thoughts to settle into a bad attitude, isn’t it? . . .

. . . and the bad attitude lends itself to a thwarted perspective — in a matter of seconds. We can allow the most insignificant things to become the biggest obstacles to a new day, potentially filled with joy.

When I was younger, an acquaintance of mine told me the following:

“I’m allergic to mornings. I’m NOT a morning person AT ALL. Just leave me alone. Don’t even LOOK at me until I’ve had a couple of cups of coffee in me.”

She wasn’t just a morning person — she was a negative thinker and to be honest, two cups of coffee didn’t help much. She partied into the early hours of the morning, slept in until about 11:00 a.m. and wasn’t approachable until about 2:00p.m. I felt sad for her. She hid behind her “morning person” excuse and was quick to judge, criticize and see the down side of every circumstance.

She wasn’t much fun to be around, that’s for sure. At least, not until about mid-afternoon.

What a waste of a perfectly good morning.

I like this thought . . .

what we see is what we look for

There is choice implied in the above statement.

When we consciously look for Jesus in our days, we WILL see Him.

Nothing against two cups of coffee in the morning . . . but joy IS a choice and we are in charge of our attitudes.

This morning, I chose a hug from my husband and an awesome bike ride with my neighbour.

It’s been a great day!

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control: against such things there is no law. Galatians 5.22,23


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