Posted by: Diane | June 5, 2014



I love being alone together


So true.

When you find that person to comfortably “be alone together with,” you have found treasure.

Years ago, Chris and I went on a trip to Gaspe Bay. We rented a trailer for a week and one early morning, we grabbed our books, laid on two couches and read until the sun went down. I don’t think we exchanged ten words all day. We were in our own worlds, but in the same room. It was a truly great day.

Another time, Chris and I headed to a friend’s cottage for a much needed weekend away. We brought the entire series of 24 and kid you not, we stayed in our pyjamas the entire weekend and watched Jack Bauer, Director of Field Ops for the Counter-Terrorist Unit of Los Angeles, race against the clock to subvert terrorist plots and save his nation from ultimate disaster. On Sunday morning, I opened the door, walked out onto the deck, took a deep breath and commented to Chris about how beautiful it was outside — and then, I came back inside, nestled in beside him and continued watching our marathon 24 hours of TV together. The only thing I remember us saying to each other was, “Do you want to watch one more show or take a break?” We’d look at each other, think about it for a couple of minutes, nod our heads and settle back into the couch.

It’s OK not to be productive all the time.

There are always a million chores to do when you live on the water but one of our favourite things to do is sit on the deck and listen to the waves. We watch the grass grow and the dishes pile up on the counter. The dock still needs to be put in and the ceiling needs patching but doing nothing together takes priority.

Some days, it’s just nice to know that if I don’t feel like doing anything, Chris will be like, “Cool. You wanna do nothing together?”

let's do nothing



  1. true bliss

  2. A great friendship.

  3. My husband and I watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy on a weekend away. I love being alone together. We’ve spent many hours on the deck of a cruise ship doing the same thing: reading, napping, reading more.

    • Sounds wonderful! Special time with the one you love.

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