Posted by: Diane | June 2, 2014

So THIS Is What a Friend Does?

Practical joke — (also known as a prank, gag, jape or shenanigan) is a mischievous trick or joke played on someone, typically causing the victim to experience, embarrassment, confusion, perplexity, or discomfort.

I experienced all the above on Saturday afternoon.

Linda calls me her friend . . . but I’m not so sure.

My husband and I had just come back from a B’nai Mitzvah (I’ll blog about THAT marvellous experience tomorrow!) and we were enjoying a relaxed afternoon together. I hadn’t checked my cell phone for hours but when I did,  I noticed that Linda had texted me at 1:45.

Where are you? People are showing up for the book signing!!

At 4:21, Linda had sent me another text.

About 20 people so far. We’re serving snacks now.

I read the two texts at 5:30—and I freaked.

Let me explain.

I recently completed my first book, Sisters in the Son, and my wonderful friends decided to host a book-launching party for me at Linda’s house. The original date set for this special occasion was May 31st – this past Saturday. However, as the month of May unfolded, I realized that the book would not be ready because of formatting issues so reluctantly, I changed the date of the book-launching party to September 6. 2014. My friends sent out a second Evite, announcing the change of date.

I must admit that last week, the thought crossed my mind, “I sure hope everyone received the second Evite and they realize that the date of the book-launching party has been delayed. It would be terrible if people came on the wrong date!!” I double-checked to make sure my friend had indeed sent the second Evite, she reassured me that all was well and I went on with my days.

So, when I received Linda’s two texts late Saturday afternoon, I was indeed embarrassed, uncomfortable, perplexed and confused. Let’s face it – I was in a frenzy.

I quickly texted Linda back.

What???? I just got your text! It’s not until September! An Evite was sent out with the correct date!

Linda texted back.

We’re just wrapping up now. We’ve got a party to go to. 

My worst nightmare had come true! All I could picture was Linda trying to deal with all these unexpected guests at a book-signing party where the author wasn’t present! When Linda hosts a party, she goes all out and I could only imagine my frazzled and frustrated friend running all over the house, trying to entertain strangers.

I texted her back.

Linda, I’m so sorry. I have no idea what happened. People must not have read their emails. 

My heart was beating quickly, I was sweating and completely overwhelmed with this dilemma . . .

. . . so I called Linda.

When she answered, she was laughing so hard, I couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

I’m just kidding, Diane. 

Fifteen minutes of agony—and it was all a joke.

Actually, one guest did actually show up because she had misread the second Evite so when she arrived at Linda’s door, the two of them decided to play a joke on me.

Ok, Linda. You won this time . . . but I owe you big time!

Have you ever been the victim of a great practical joke? I love this one below!

practical joke 2







  1. One of my friends calked me wanting To go together. She also hadn’t read the second evite….

    Sent from iPhone

    • Oh boy…well I’m glad most people knew of the date change!!

    • Glad you caught it, Kathy! Thanks!

  2. Oh lighten up! You are the queen of driving up on someone’s lawn and honking the horn or just walking into someone’s house and shouting “hoooowdeeee”, or doing a swift maneuver on someone to make them fall in the lake or inviting someone to a class in nutrition and it turns out to be a fitness class. Shall I continue?

    • Yah, yah, blah, blah…

      Oh, I’ll get you back, Linda….don’t you worry about that! I’m already plotting my revenge!

  3. My heart was beating – she didn’t forget – see I forgot the date change too. So maybe next time I’ll get to come.

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