Posted by: Diane | May 29, 2014

Take Time To Smell The Roses . . .

. . . but don’t swallow the bugs!

My friend and I went for a fantastic trail walk yesterday morning. The lake was peaceful and the trails were quiet. We were talking about the importance of consciously stopping, enjoying the moment and savouring the smells, sights and sounds around us.

The crabapple trees were breath-taking — colourful, fragrant, springtime blooms — and my friend was telling me that although the length of the blossoming period can range from 1-2 weeks, a heavy rain or wind can result in all the blossoms falling off the tree.

“The blossoms don’t last that long so enjoy the beauty when you can.”

crabapple tree 3

So, I decided to “walk our talk,” stop and take a good whiff of the blossoms. I must have had my mouth open at the same time because I breathed in a BIG bug!  I’m wondering if I swallowed a bee! I mean, I was gagging for a few minutes, wondering what was going down my esophagus.

My friend couldn’t help but laugh because I was quite the sight, as I wiggled and jiggled on the side of the road, not sure what to do with this buggy mouth invasion.

I ended up swallowing whatever it was — definitely too much nature!





  1. As my Dad used to say, “bugs are 100% protein!”

    • O I wish I had been there!!
      BTW, I left a long reply on your last blog, and I don’t see it. Loved it!’

  2. That video sure brings back memories…I wish I had a nickel for every time I sang this one to my kids way back when. I can imagine your reaction when you swallowed the bug….makes me smile :-). I had a bumble bee fly into my ear down in Fla…the nasty thing left his yellow powder all over my ear and boy, did it ever swell up…a memory I will never forget. xo ‘Mrs. B.’

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