Posted by: Diane | May 15, 2014

Right Brain/Left Brain

I am SO right-brained . . .

right:left brain . . . which might help explain my poor editing skills. (See May 13.2014 post)

It also explains why symbols speak to me so strongly and why I’ve always preferred going for a bike ride than solving a puzzle. I like a clean house but I don’t vacuum until the dust bunnies start hopping. (Actually, that’s when I get Chris to do the vacuuming.) Pictures are powerful, rules are to be questioned and a spontaneous cup of tea with a friend can be the highlight of the day.

Yup. I’m definitely right-brain dominant.

Not to say that I can’t be logical. Just ask Chris. He’ll tell you how easy it is for me to solve a Sudoku or perform a large task in a proper order. Actually, I hate Sudoku puzzles and when there is a large task at hand, my first thought is, “This is overwhelming!” Then I just dive in and start doing. Chris likes to stop me and say something like, “Um, Diane? Why don’t we do X first? Then Y becomes a lot easier.” Or, “Why don’t you do X while I do Y?” My answer is usually, “I want to do X with you! Then do Y together!”

Sounds like a good way to go about large tasks, right? . . .

. . . but not always very practical.

I do have to say  that when it comes to sport, “someone” beats “somebody” pretty much all the time! (Even thought that “somebody” disagrees with me!)

But both of us do cross over in areas as well. I like to think that I have a sense of time and Chris likes to think he’s intuitive but most definitely, we work best together, when our natural abilities shine.

I must say that Chris would always walk into the correct house and climb into the correct car . . . but what fun is that?

Are you right-brained or left brained?

right brain:left brain

All I know is by the end of the day, I’m no-brained.

I'm afraid my brain has left for the day






  1. Very interesting! Can you be half and half?

    • We’re all a mixture of both . . (including being “no-brained!) 🙂

  2. Boy…reading the colours was really hard for me. I know I’m right brain dominant but I do have left brain tendencies also..maybe I’m a double brainer!! :))

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