Posted by: Diane | May 8, 2014

Mr. Magoo Moment #2

I’m embarrassed to admit this . . . but it’s not the first time I’ve been in this very awkward place. The good news is that it hasn’t happened for a while.

Last weekend, I was visiting my daughter and grandson. Their driveway only fits one car so I normally park right across the road from her townhouse. I’m used to getting out of the car and walking straight across the road, up her driveway and into her house.

It was cold, rainy and dark when I arrived and once I parked, I loaded up both arms with pillows, suitcases, a laptop and some extra bags. My goal was to get all my belonging and myself into the house as quickly as possible so I ran across the road, up the driveway and straight into the house . . . as I always do.

The only problem was it wasn’t my daughter’s house!

I had walked right into a complete stranger’s front hall. A young woman was cradling a baby in the kitchen and a little boy was on the landing, playing Lego.

It took a couple of seconds for me to realize what I had done. I had totally forgotten that I had parked two spots down from where I normally park but I was so busy balancing all my belonging and dodging the rain that I hadn’t made the necessary ten foot shift to the right so that I would be walking towards Dawne’s unit, rather than bursting into a stranger’s home.

I apologized profusely and the woman just stared at me. She was speechless.

As I turned towards the front door, I heard the little boy say, “Mom, who WAS that person?”

I didn’t stay long enough to hear her answer. I laughed my way across the front lawn and headed to the correct front door.

It’s good to be able to laugh at yourself.

I didn’t tell my daughter about my Mr. Magoo moment until the next day but when I finally confessed, she just looked at me, shook her head and said, “Mom, you’re brutal.” I don’t think those words were particularly flattering but hey, my daughter is stuck with me! I’m sure she has since had a few private giggles, thinking about my mishap and most likely, shared the story with others as well.

. . . and that’sOK.  These are the kind of incidents that make life so interesting!

life is full of surprises




  1. You are a worry indeed!

  2. If I were you, I would laugh my heads off. Laugh is sometimes too tense not to see the fun in some situations.

  3. Smiles Diane! 🙂 You can really tell a story for sure. So interesting to start my day. xo ‘Mrs. B.’

  4. “Who was that person?”
    It was the Lone Rover…Lone Ranger!

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