Posted by: Diane | May 6, 2014

Celebrate Everyday Moments

Rober Brault once said, “There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate.”

Everyday moments are ours to celebrate – it’s all about attitude.

We may be involved in something really good — a relationship, a work situation, a neighbourhood, school, church or outside commitment — and we can choose to complain about imperfections or choose to celebrate what’s healthy and uplifting.

My observation is that many people choose to focus on the negative.

Life is short and I don’t want to “make mountains out of molehills.” I choose my battles carefully and honestly, it doesn’t matter how difficult a day I’ve had, I make time to celebrate the little moments of joy.

I have been involved in a Toastmasters Club (Sunshine Speakers) for about two and a half years and have truly enjoyed every challenge, speech, leadership opportunity and relationship in this club. Things aren’t perfect – there is always room for improvement – but I saw an opportunity to celebrate our club last night and I took it.

No celebration can happen without cake, right? We had cupcakes for everybody and I also handed out blowers so we could “toot our own horns” for a few minutes. I drew big letters and put them on the wall, one-by-one as I pointed out our club’s strengths.

Sspecial . . . We all love coming and we all love coming back. We have work commitments, heavy schedules, long days and demanding lives, yet we clear our Monday nights to be together.

Uundeniably a great time . . . There are many personalities, much to learn from one another and glorious moments of lightness and humour.

Nnon-negotiables . . .We are committed to the basics of the Toastmasters vision and mission statement. There is security and predictability, yet freedom and creativity exercised within the boundaries.

Ssocial . . . People are genuinely happy to see each other and when someone hasn’t been to a meeting, he/she is missed. There is healthy cooperation and competition.

Hhospitable . . . Our club is friendly and welcoming. New members always comment on how comfortable they are coming into our group for the first time.

Iincreasing in number . . .We’re recently experienced a real surge in membership. Every week, there’s at least one new face. This club attracts new members naturally.

Nnurturing . . . The mentor program is working. We want people to succeed and to experience significant growth in their communication and leadership skills.

Eencouraging . . .This is a very encouraging environment. Members are challenged but not pushed. Successes are celebrated and there are no failures.

Ssensitive . . .We are a very diverse group and are sensitive to different needs. We are improving greatly in respecting the 9:30 closing time. We are sensitive to members’ suggestions and openly apologetic when necessary.

Pproductive . . Everyone is moving through their manuals. Club competitions are extremely successful, the weekly program is fast paced, interesting and fun. We meet our goals to be a Distinguished Club.

Eexecutive . . .We have a dedicated executive who work well together and truly care for the members of the club.  There is a rich mix of giftedness and sharing of duties.

Aassessments . . .We are regularly assessing our club. We want to faithfully fulfill the mission statement of the Toastmasters organization and provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment. We also provide constructive and encouraging evaluations to all who speak and lead.

Kknowledge . . . We share so much knowledge about communication and leadership skills. There are many opportunities for training, as well as conferences and competitions.

Eexperience . . . There is a beautiful balance of older and younger members. We have Distinguished Toastmasters, who have years of experience, young Toastmasters who are just beginning their journey and many Toastmasters who are willing to share their experiences with everyone.

Rresolves conflict . . .We are committed to healthy conflict resolution. We encourage everyone to voice their concerns about any part of the meeting, rather than letting frustrations fester.

Sspecial touches . . .We add a lot of extra touches in this club – great celebrations of all accomplishments, little welcome gifts to guests, Monday Moment blurbs to all members etc.


Take time to celebrate the little and the big stuff in life.

Celebrate what you want to see more of.  Thomas J. Peters


there is much to celebrate





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