Posted by: Diane | May 5, 2014

Deep Wounds — God’s Healing Hand

It was late afternoon and the store was closing soon.

Two families walked in and after observing the moms, dads and the seven children for a few minutes, I realized that this planned trip to the store was in fact, a first date for two young people — one from each family.

I recognized one of the moms as she approached the front counter, leaned over and whispered in my ear, “This is my daughter’s first date. She’s really nervous.” She went on to explain that when the families became aware of this budding, romantic relationship, both sets of parents decided to meet in the store after school and allow their two young teens to spend some time together in a public, supervised setting. The moms and dads wanted to be right there.

It was so heart-warming to see these two young people grab a little grocery cart and saunter towards the back of the store, so they could get some “alone” time together. Meanwhile, the two dads stood near the candy section, poised to intervene, if necessary.

The young man eventually walked to the front of the store and asked his dad a quick question. Dad advised his on what to say and do. A few minutes later, the giggly, young lady ran to the front of the store and whispered something to her dad, who immediately put his arm around his daughter, calmed her nerves and waited patiently until she had settled down, before sending her back to be with the young man.

For fifteen minutes, I watched these two attentive, loving fathers, fully involved in this marvellous, “growing up” moment.

The thought hit me like a brick.

Is THIS what it’s like to have a dad?

I was absolutely overwhelmed with emotion.


A strong embrace.

Wise counsel.




I became so painfully aware of a longing in my heart.

I have never experienced a father’s presence in my life. My parents divorced when I was two years old and the two other men whom my mother married as I grew up were her husbands, not my father.

I had to run to the dry-cleaning room to compose myself. The tears flowed.

A few minutes later, I walked back to the front of the store. The young guy came to the front counter and quietly asked me, “Can you wrap these barrettes up for me so that I can give them as a gift?” This store doesn’t provide a gift-wrapping service but I just couldn’t say “no” — I was so caught up in this little love story! I grabbed some tissue paper, wrapped the barrettes, tied some pretty ribbon around the present and snuck the gift back to the boy.

At this point, I felt that I had become an integral part of this sweet courtship and I couldn’t wait to see the girls’ expression of glee when she opened up her present. The store could have been on fire and I wouldn’t have noticed because my eyes were fixed on this innocent romance unfolding in the pet section of the store.

The expression on the young lady’s face was priceless — a mixture of embarrassment, happiness, awkwardness and joy, all wrapped up in a crooked smile.

It was beautiful to watch — for the moms, the dads and for me.

It was a good thing that it was closing time at this point because as soon as I locked the front doors, I burst into tears again.

God never meant for anyone to grow up without a father.

I’m so thankful that in moments like this, I can go to Him.

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.     Psalm 68.5 NIV





  1. Beautiful story Di.

  2. Thank you Diane. I really needed to read this , this morning. After our Sunday message at Church, I came home with a heavy heart, but I know that next week the pastor will balance out his sermon. He did at the time, but he lost me into my own world of grief when he said that no blessing from a parent, becomes a curse. You can read in between the lines! My prayer today is to draw so close to God, and to experience His love and yes, blessing on my life, and that the reality of that will show in my thoughts and actions.
    Blessings on you Diane! What a wonderful story to start a week on. You could write a child’s fairy tale storybook with this experience.

  3. I like that – “no blessing from a parent, becomes a curse.” Thank you for sharing that, Barb.

  4. Thanks Diane..I can relate in that my dad was always on the road. He was the provider and we were expected to obey and respect him….I often wish that it had been a loving relationship, but if one has never experienced it, perhaps it can’t be learned. But my Mom more than made up for it. She was a mom and a dad and always pointed to Our True Father to whom we could always turn. A very touching story.

    • I love hearing stories about your mother, Kathy.

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