Posted by: Diane | May 2, 2014

Grandparents’ Day

Hi! This is Phoenix. I’m Nana’s favourite (and only) grandchild!

I invited Papak and Nana to Grandparents Day at our school. I was really excited to sing in front of them and to show them around my new school.  I heard it took Papak and Nana three hours to get here so I’m really happy that they made it.

I really like the first song that we sang. It’s called, “Our God.”

Grandparents Day group song

The second song we sang was Wide as the Sky and we did a lot of signing with it. I knew Nana would like the signing. Maybe she was signing along when we sang!

Grandparents Day closeup singing

After the concert, I became the tour guide for Nana and Papak. We went up to my classroom and I introduced them to one of my teachers. I also wanted to show them my art work…

Grandparents Day art work

. . . and my friends. . .

Grandparent Day classmates and friends

I really love my Papak and Nana.

Grandparents Day Papak,Nana and I

Papak and Nana took me out of school for the rest of the day! Papak totally crushed me in the car!

Grandparents Day Wrestling in car

I ended the day with some chicken wrestling. (That’s a long story)

Grandparents Day chicken wrestling

Grandparents Day was really fun. I know Papak and Nana had to get up really early this morning to make it to my school on time but they came and now, they’re sleeping over too!  Yahoo!

Phoenix Slobodian







  1. Dear Phoenix,
    I enjoyed your story about Grandparents Day. I read once that “children who have loving grandparents just end up being nicer kids.” That seems to be true for you! Mrs. Neff

  2. Grandparents are the best! Sounds as though you had a very special day with them showing them around your school. Love to read your blogs Phoenix….you always have something interesting to say. xo ‘Mrs. B.’

  3. Thanks Phoenix! Wasn’t it great that your grandparents could be there?!
    Your Papak and I never did meet our grandparents because they were in Estonia, so we were always envious of the people who had them. But now we love being grandparents.its the best. I tell everyone that having a grandchild is like falling in love again! Thanks for sharing you interesting blog, Phoenix.

    • I’ll make sure that Phoenie reads these great comments!

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