Posted by: Diane | April 29, 2014

Reconnecting the Older and Younger Generation

An older woman opened the front door and in great frustration, yelled into the store,“I wish someone could help me!”  

The wind had blown her umbrella inside out and she was struggling with her walker fitting through the doorway.

While I ran towards her, she pointed towards a young man outside, who apparently had ignored her plea for help.

“What’s wrong with young people today? They have no respect for their elders.”

I looked at the young man who was now making his way through the parking lot across the road and I quickly realized that not only was this guy completely absorbed in his texting, he was also plugged into his music. Chances are he never even saw this older woman struggling.

When I tried to explain to the woman that most likely, this young man wasn’t being intentionally rude or disrespectful, she was not convinced . . . but she did softened her voice. In fact, she looked like she was about to cry.

“When I was younger, I took care of my aging parents.  None of my kids live near me now and I’m alone.”

As I straightened out her umbrella, I asked, “Are you lonely?”

She didn’t say anything for a few seconds.

Then she grabbed my hand, looked me in the eye and answered, “Oh yes, I’m lonely.”

We talked for a while and I know she appreciated the conversation.

There it is again — In this part of the world, we need places and times for older and younger people to naturally connect. I see the void constantly – everywhere I look. Missed opportunities. Insecurity. Unwillingness. Misunderstandings. Judgment.

That’s why I wrote my book, Sisters in the Son.  I believe that both generations are missing out.

I also believe we can do something about it.

There is such beauty in multigenerational friendships.


older and younger generation comic

Be devoted to one another in love. Honour one another above yourselves.  Romans 12.10 NIV


  1. What a perfect example!! I especially like the comic strip…we need to do this more.

  2. I totally agree!

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