Posted by: Diane | April 26, 2014

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Time to party!

Chris birthday 2014 balloonsChris birthday 2014 front door20140426_202245 (1)











It was a good day.

The birthday boy was happy.

Chris birthday 2014 birthday glasses

Best gift? Having all three kids home at one time.

Second best gift? Remember the picture of my husband and grandson from my April 22, 2014 post? Well, Phoenie liked that picture so much that he decided to draw and frame the same picture and surprise his Papak!

Chris birthday 2014 Phoenie's gift 1

Here’s the close-up version.

Chris birthday 2014 Phoenie's gift 2

It just doesn’t get any better than that, does it? I’m quite sure that Chris will be keeping this picture close by for a long time!

It’s great to celebrate life. These are the moments that we’ll think about. . .

. . . as we end the day and get kissed by those who really love us!




  1. Happy birthday, Baby Brother!! Yes, I do remember the day you were born. Paavo drove Mom to St. Joseph’s Hospital in the west end near High Park, in the old Chev Impala all the way from Scarborough.
    Imagine, a 16 1/2 year old driving his Mom to the hospital to have a baby!
    You were a big 9 lb. plus baby – and such a big blessing to our family.
    Mom is smiling down on you today, and so thankful you have such a loving wife and family. God bless you Chris!
    Love from your second Mom.

  2. So beautiful! Happy Birthday, Chris!

  3. Happy Birthday to a special guy, who is so loved by his family and the love of his life …. Diane 🙂 what a great tribute I your blog today!

  4. Awsome picture, you are quite the artist Phoenie Congrats Chris! Wendy Rhead


  5. Please pass my birthday wishes along to Chris! Great picture, Phoenie!

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