Posted by: Diane | April 22, 2014

How Do You Get Funny?

(Oops — this is actually Wednesday’s blog!  I pushed the wrong button! Enjoy! I’ll be back on Thursday!)

About a year ago, our grandson, Phoenie, was visiting and asked if he could borrow Chris’ phone to play the word puzzle game,  4 Pics, 1 Word.  He was having some trouble solving the puzzle so he began pushing the button to delete some letters and/or to show a correct letter. Before he knew it, he had spent all of Chris’ coins that Chris had earned by playing the game. Chris graciously explained to Phoenie why it wasn’t a good idea to spend coins to get help.

“Just be patient and work at the puzzle, Phoenie. The answer will come.”

Phoenie has since learned some strategies to help him solve the puzzles without any assistance.

Yesterday, on our way home from Easter dinner, nine-year-old Phoenie was playing 4 Pics, 1 Word with my Android, in the back seat of the car. I nervously reminded him not to spend any of my coins. (I’m currently beating Chris in the game and I want to continue this winning streak!)

He quickly deadpanned, “Sorry, Nana. I just pressed ‘donate’.

Fortunately, neither Chris or I had any liquids in our mouth at that moment.

Phoenie’s comeback was terrific — and perfectly delivered. He is really developing a great sense of humour.

I have often wondered how a person “gets funny.”As Mark Twain once said, “Studying humor is like dissecting a frog — you may know a lot but you end up with a dead frog” but I decided to google the question.

Interesting find. This was #1 suggestion.

1. First, regain your smile. A smile and a laugh aren’t the same thing, but they do live in the same neighborhood. Be sure to smile at simple pleasures — the sight of kids playing, a loved one or friend approaching, the successful completion of a task, the witnessing of something amazing or humorous. Smiles indicate that stress and the weight of the world haven’t overcome you.

19 Ways to Enhance Your Sense of Humor

Seems to me that “funny” comes from within. You gotta’ have a reason to smile. It’s about attitude and perspective, isn’t it?

This article went on to explain eighteen more ways to enhance your sense of humour. Other articles suggest steps to take, shows to watch, books to read, jokes to learn and comedians to analyze.

I have a simple suggestion — hang out with someone who is naturally funny.

Phoenie hangs out with his Papak . . . and humour is just part of who Chris is.

Last year, during his company party, he won this award.


Bluecat Team Entertainer

This year, he won the “Mr. Joker” award (but we can’t find the certificate because apparently, Chris is “cleaning” his desk!)

Oh — he found it!

Blue Cat Mr. Joker award

One of the reasons that Phoenie is funny is because his grandfather is funny. Phoenie tries out jokes with Chris and when he visits us, he watches Papak make Nana laugh. THIS is a safe place to hang out when you’re learning to look at life from a humourous perspective. These days, Phoenie is learning about riddles. . .

. . .and when he’s with Papak, Phoenie is always smiling. 🙂

Papak and Phoenie April 2014


He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.  Job 8.21 NIV


  1. I love the way you tie all the pieces together, God’s word, grand parenting, life skills, and enjoying life! That’s what it is all about 🙂

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