Posted by: Diane | April 5, 2014


This is quite a complicated word to describe the simplicity of my day.

DEFINITION: contemplation of one’s navel as an aid to meditation.

Some days are intentionally quiet, slow, and conducive to “contemplating one’s navel.” Today is one of those days.

Sleep in. Lie in bed and listen to the wind off the lake. Leisurely breakfast. Long coffee and tea. Blanket and book. Spontaneous dust sweeping. Short nap. Proposed late dinner. Proposed movie and popcorn.


No agenda.

No pressures.

I love these kind of days. They don’t happen very often but they’re so good for the soul.

Signing off and contemplating my navel . . .

 I like it here



  1. Enjoy!!!

    • I am . . . I truly am. Just about to hunker down for a nice nap to the sound of the wind. Chris is already asleep!

  2. Yes, enjoy. I’m doing the same!

    • Sure feels good, doesn’t it? You enjoy your omphaloskepsis too!

  3. So am I! Just did the High Five, two Star crosswords, read the paper( unusual), and now having a nice Chris-like soaking bath with a book. Baking cookies for Larry later. Aah. Bliss.

    • Ah…I’m relaxed just thinking about your glorious day! 🙂

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