Posted by: Diane | March 11, 2014

But We Want To . . .

Sometimes life blocks our plans.

but we want to go sledding...

Have you ever felt this way?

Phoenie and his friends decided to go tobogganing this morning.  They dressed in layers of warm clothes and with great anticipation, pulled their sleds towards the hill. The snow was wet and sticky but they managed to get about fifteen good runs and wrestling rolls before they were all drenched and miserable.

“We gotta’ go home. I’m soaking wet” observed Brody. Everybody nodded in agreement, grabbed their sleds and started down the mucky road.

As they rounded the corner, they realized that a very long train had stopped and blocked the road—their plan to throw off their snow pants and get out of their wet clothes was thwarted.  It was interesting to listen to their conversation.

“But I want to go home!”

“Me too!  Now what?”

“I’m so cold. How come this stuff always happens?”

“Well . . . we’re just going to have to wait. “

“I hate waiting.”

“Me too.”

It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s tough to wait. Most of us want to plan our work and then work our plan—no interruptions, no distractions, let’s just get it done. We want to do what we want to do when we want to do it. Right? It’s all about our timing and according to our plans.

But life has taught me very well that God seldom operates on my schedule. He has a greater perspective of life’s events and His perspective, plans and schedules are perfect and holy, because He is perfect and holy.

It’s difficult to appropriate His truth in our messy, everyday, disappointing days, isn’t it? I confess that it’s tough for me . . . but the older I get, the quicker I surrender.

How do you respond when a train comes and parks itself between you and the accomplishment of your grand plans?

It’s quite revealing to think about our responses when life says, “Wait.”

As for God, His way is perfect. Psalm 18.30  


  1. What a fantastic picture!!

    • It was a great moment, that’s for sure. It was so funny to watch them face this dilemma!

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