Posted by: Diane | March 10, 2014

Finding A Home For The Blanket

Chris and I have a dilemma.

How do we creatively display a 12-foot blanket in our home?

The good news is that Saturday was a puttering-kind-of-day. Lots of time to do some thinking . . .

hanging the blanket - thinking

some measuring . . .

hang the blanket - measuring

. . . more “thinking” . . .

hanging the blanket - napping

. . . and then once Chris got on the ladder to drill, he realized that he couldn’t find a stud in the ceiling.

What a downer.

It’s a dilemma—Chris had been thinking about this for weeks and now what?

My grandson phoned me about a week ago because he knew I had been a bit discouraged about the editing process of my book.  I answered the phone and Phoenie’s little voice said, “Nana . . . never give up.”  That’s all I needed to hear . . . and yesterday, that’s all I said to Chris.

Later last night, Chris mentioned to me that he had another idea—he’s still thinking about it. So, the blanket sits in a pile while his brain continues to speculate.

It’ll happen. We’ll get this 12 foot monster hung—just not today.

Phoenie reminded us that if we believe in what we’re doing, we need to continue working hard, and “if something blocks one route, find another. “

I like that.  It’s nice to hear a nine-year-old think so confidently. Never giving up is good thinking and right doing.

And as for you,  brothers, never tire of doing what is right.                                           2 Thessalonians 3.13


  1. What an encouragement Phoenix is!
    God has blessed us with wonderful grandchildren, and yes, “out of the mouths of babes” comes insights when we are befuddled!
    Love the photos of Chris…..

  2. I think this beautiful afghan, showing all of the 365 sunsets in this picturesque town, should be displayed in Beaverton’s Town Hall. xo ‘Mrs. B.’

    • me too…but they don’t want it! 😦

  3. tell Chris I haev two words for him….. Toggle Bolts. (hang on drywall without a stud)

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