Posted by: Diane | March 1, 2014

Writing A Book, Enjoying A Friendship

It’s been quite the week for me—between preparing for speech contests, tutoring and preparing a 43,000 word manuscript for publication, I’ve had to dig deep to get through it all. Hence, a couple of late posts, a completely missed post early in the week, a ten hour sleep last night and a really sore throat today.

The good news is two fold:

1. The book is edited. I have some touch ups to complete today and hopefully, I will be able to send the finished manuscript to the publisher on Monday!

2. I had an amazing time with Robynne, my editor. We had a marathon editing and eating party/sleepover, lasting from Thursday night to Friday afternoon–and we stayed in our pajamas the whole time!

I learned SO much from this talented 22-year-old editor. Do you know when to use a hyphen vs. an en dash vs. an em dash?  What’s the difference between passive and active voice? How do you properly make use of those “dot-dot-dot” . . . ah . . . thingamajigs? And when is it acceptable to start a sentence with “And”?

We holed up in the back room, wrapped ourselves with blankets and enjoyed the turned-up heat, (actually, only one of us was enjoying the warm room temperature) while staring at our laptops for hours on end. We drank endless cups of tea and consequently, took endless bathroom breaks too.

This is what a young editor truly looks like when she’s focused. Take particular note of the pointed toes and the laptop placed on the exercise ball.

I call this, “Stag Leap to Success.”

Robynne, the editor working hard

It just occurred to me that it’s pretty awesome to be writing a book about different generations of women hangin’ out together when I’ve just spent two wonderful days with a 22-year-old!

Thanks, Robynne – for all your work and for our crazy good discussions. I appreciate your editing abilities but even more so, your friendship.

I sure do like writing.

writing a book


  1. Clearly Robynne is doing something I don’t when I come to visit since you were willing to turn the heat up for her! ha ha Glad to hear you’re making such good progress with the book.

    • Ya…for some reason, that back room was REALLY cold for the past couple of days. Even I was cold, Vicky! Can you imagine that? Book is almost ready to send to the publisher! Yahoo! …and you’re quoted in it, my friend!

  2. Congratulations to you for almost getting there! Robynne reminds me of you with your athletic gyrations!
    Can hardly wait to read your finished published book! Go girl!

    • No one would understand that “stag leap” comment without being a gymnast! Thanks for your love, Kathy. This has been a HUGE undertaking but I’ve loved every minute of it!

  3. I have been praying these many years that God would fill your pen as you write of your experiences with older and younger women. I can’t wait to hear what God has to say in this book. xo ‘Mrs. B.’

    • Thank you for your faithful prayers, Mrs. B.–about writing this book and for my life, in general. You are a very special friend. Love always, Diane

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