Posted by: Diane | February 16, 2014

OVERFLOW! 8.9.13

It was time for the OVERFLOW! group to get together again and enjoy the water!

It was wonderful to catch up on each others’ life, have some fun in the waves and just spend quality time together. We forgot to take this group picture until the end of the afternoon, so one woman is missing but hey, we’re still a beautiful bunch, don’t you think?


The OVERFLOW! group has been meeting for three years and our numbers have ranged from six women at the very beginning to twenty women more recently. We’ve been getting together, on the average, every six weeks and we’ve had a blast. Today, we had a spirited conversation about modern paganism – in November, we’re having a sleepover up north! The possibilities are endless and we always have a great time together.

The idea of OVERFLOW! was birthed out of a belief that God would be honored with a group of multi-aged women who desire to intentionally “instill” into each others’ lives. These women believe that there is a great need to live vulnerably before each other, tell their stories, listen, learn and laugh together. In doing so, they draw closer to God, uplift each other and learn new life skills.  There are older women, choosing to speed up – recognizing the value of their experiences and the depth of their wisdom, learning how to tell their stories and not being intimidated by younger women. There are younger women who are slowing down – taking time to listen, sharing about the difficulties of growing up in this day and age, understanding that they don’t need to have it all together and developing a teachable spirit.  Women of different generations, meeting together, encouraging each other to apply the truth of the scriptures to their lives and benefiting from the overflow of each other’s walk with God.  OVERFLOW! is a non-threatening group of women who accept and celebrate each other.

Our Missions Statement is as follows:

OVERFLOW! is a God-honoring, informal, discussion and activity-based group of multigenerational women, meeting together with the commitment to lovingly instill biblical truth, encouragement and practical wisdom into each others’ lives.

I’ve written a book about the OVERFLOW! group – OVERFLOW! Reconnecting Older and Younger Women. It was the first manuscript that I completed but I’ve been unable to get it published. I do believe that the idea behind OVERFLOW! is good but I need to rethink how to better communicate the power and the relevancy of this unique grouping of women. If you have any thoughts, let me know!

OVERFLOW! is alive and well…and we’re not for sale, like the picture suggests!

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