Posted by: Diane | February 15, 2014

OVERFLOW! 1.12.2013

First OVERFLOW! get together of 2013!

Alissa Herriman, a registered nutritionist,  spent some time with us this afternoon. As we snacked on green mint M&Ms and my family’s leftover Christmas gumdrops, Alissa gave us LOTS to think about, in terms of our diet. We all had a great time, preparing a wonderful meal of Grilled Herbed Tomatoes, Rice Pasta and Vegetables and dark chocolate cranberry and apricot bark. Yum!

We are all productive, creative, responsible women…but try to get a decent group shot!!

OVERFLOW! picture #1 January 12.2013

OVERFLOW! picture #2 January 12. 2013

OVERFLOW! picture #3

OVERFLOW! picture #4 January 12. 2013

Once we settled down, we managed to have a great discussion about a recent article by R. Eric Tippin. He wrote about the regrets that this generation might have when they get older.

It’s never fun when you are young to think about growing old and feeble.  That time of life seems ages away, hazy and irrelevant to twenty-somethings in the prime of life and health. Alas, the truth remains, unless the FDA approves a magical elixir of youth and wonder, we have no option but to age, lose our hair and hearing and start using words like, “youngster” and “fiddlesticks.” But, when sinful humans with consciences age, they accumulate something other than wrinkles – namely, regrets.”

Eric Tippin suggests the following five possible regrets for this generation:

1. Most of my spare time was sacrificed to social media. 

2. I knew more about celebrities than I did about my neighbours. 

3. I was so set on buying things, I never got the pleasure of making them.

4. I wasted my life entertaining myself. 

5. I never found time to be quiet. 

Definitely food for thought.

It was a wonderful afternoon.  One thing for sure – when this group of crazy women get together, five hours fly by!

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