Posted by: Diane | February 11, 2014

OVERFLOW! 11.5.2011

Another OVERFLOW! has happened!  The group of us climbed into two cars and headed to Burlington, Ontario to watch a TV taping of Full Circle, which is a live, open forum discussion program that has expanded into a daily, half hour, fast-paced format.OVERFLOW! wanted to check out how a TV show is made and we also had a very insightful, two hour interview time with Moira Brown, a  full-time regular co-host of  100 Huntley Street. We managed to squeeze in a trip to a well known Gelato store before we headed to Linda’s house for a delicious lasagna dinner. We topped the day off with a crazy sleepover and a early morning crepe breakfast.

Good times.  Here are some highlights from the day.

Hi! I’m Emily and I’m 14. The highlight of my day was meeting Moira Brown for two reasons. 1: she was such a sweet, motherly lady. 2: she recommended a GREAT gelato place! Sharing gelato with the older and younger women was so much fun….and really delicious :D

HI I’m Florence and I’m 14. The highlight of my day was definitely getting to see how “Full CIrcle” was filmed. It was amazing to see how professional the women were when filming and they filmed the whole entire episode in one take! Also, getting to have private time to spend with Moira Brown was very interesting, and it  really helped me think with an optimistic mind about difficult situations and how to let God take over my lives.

Hey! i’m sam (: and I’m 16.  Just like all other overflow! gatherings, today was an amaaaazing day. it was so great getting to see the behind-the-scenes of talk shows. that’s another first for me! but i think the best part was definitely just getting to chat with moira brown. she’s such an inspiring lady. and her love and passion for Christ is so evident in her life. i loved talking to her and just listening to what she had to say. Today was good. overflow! is good. God is good.

Megan here :) 14 is the age ;)  So, today hmmm… describe today in one word… AWE-SOME. the best part? lunch :) loved the italian wedding soup. we also talked with Moira Brown. best talk ever. her life will always be described as a roller coaster to me but the Lord has worked many ways in her life :) Megs ❤ GOD IS GOOD.

Hi, I’m Anneke and I’m 16 years old. I have to say that talking with Moira Brown and eating Gelato were my favourite parts of today.  Moira is such a nice woman.  When talking with her she makes you feel so comfortable and at ease.  I have a saying ‘I’m okay with God, its Christians I can’t stand’ but man oh man, she’s a Christian that I can stand.  Not that I can’t stand everyone in Overflow, I love everybody here. 😉  The gelato we had was AMAZING!  If you ever get some, I strongly suggest getting the strawberry, it is delicious.    -Anneke

This day was amazing! Seeing how Full Circle was taped then talking with the hosts afterwards was a real treat!  They did a great job interviewing the guests, making it look so easy.  Meeting Moira Brown was a real highlight, we asked her lots of questions and she was so gracious to answer them all!  Moira is warm and down to earth which made our time with her very special, we would have loved for her to come to our sleep over tonight.  She also suggested that we go for gelato near the lake and it was beautiful.  I had a great time and hopefully we will be able to come back and share our experiences as younger and older women getting together to enrich each other’s lives.  xo Linda

Today was another amazing day with Overflow.  It was fascinating to see the taping of the Full Circle show – It was  real team work!   a great example of how the whole body works together.  the behind the scenes people were just as NB as the sofa sisters.- who were awesome.  I really admire Moira Brown – such a gracious woman who shared much wisdom with us. I loved the story she told about Steve Saint and the wonderful relation ship he and with his father’s murderer. Such grace!  And of course we had a blast afterwards complete with gelato and a great dinner  and  fun.  Karen

Hey. My name is Elizabeth Crouse. My favourite part of today was just experiencing and seeing the taping of a tv show. I found it really interesting and fun to watch. I was also very impressed by the venue and building. It was so pretty. I also felt very welcomed and encouraged. I felt that Moira was truly interested in us and our story; she treated us like we were old friends. I really enjoyed today and hope that in the future, we do more stuff like this. :)   thanks Overflow!!!

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