Posted by: Diane | February 9, 2014

OVERFLOW! February 8.2014

The women in OVERFLOW! are amazing!

You're amazing balloon

OVERFLOW! is a group of younger….

young girls in OVERFLOW!

and older women…

older women - OVERFLOW!

… having a ball together!  We started meeting as a group of six and there has been up to sixteen women involved – yesterday, we had eleven. We missed you – Coco, Emily, Sam and Suzanne.

Yesterday, we spent some time reminiscing about the past four years and all the crazy things we’ve done together…and we certainly laughed a lot. We all have some great memories of our adventures – high tea, road trips, bowling, interviewing influential women, “elfing”, learning about public speaking and interviewing skills, ice fishing, wonderful discussions about life, waterskiing, amazing meal making episodes, praying together, Pay it Forward dinners at Swiss Chalet, preparing a package for Oprah, helping out with the young moms’ Christmas party, catching “dead” fish, canoeing – the list goes on and on.

We made a dynamic dinner too…

tacos dinner - OVERFLOW!

…and topped it off with Linda’s infamous cookies!

Linda's valentine cookies

I am so thankful for each woman in this group.

I started OVERFLOW! because I really wanted to find a creative way to reconnect older and younger women. I think our culture is really missing the richness of this unique relationship and I wanted to experiment with different ways to thrive and learn from women of all ages.

That’s what my first book is about – this OVERFLOW! group! So, as I take the next week off from blogging – to complete this manuscript in preparation for its publication this May – it seems appropriate that I re-post blogs about the adventures of OVERFLOW! over the past four years.

I hope you enjoy…

…and I’ll reconnect with you on the other side of this seven day “writing and tea binge” in the back room!

See you on February 17th! 



  1. Wishing you God speed and focus as you birth our book! See you on the other side! Much love and prayers.

  2. Oops I wrote Our book, I meant Your book!!

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