Posted by: Diane | February 4, 2014

Books, More Books and Frogs

I made the team for Battle of the Books at my school!

I had to read eight books and then write ten questions, answers and page numbers. I had to hand it all in for proof that I completed all the work. This was ABOVE doing all my regular school work. So, why would I want to do MORE work at school?

I’ll try to explain.

I like being part of the Battle of the Books because I love being quizzed on information that I’ve read.  I have enjoyed reading ever since I knew there were books. I fell in love with reading books but I didn’t marry them!

I had to read the following books:

Miss Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.


Lily’s Crossing

Dancing Through the Snow

Maniac Magee

The One and Only Ivan

House of Sixty Fathers

and…….what’s that last book?  Oh yah…

Chu Ju’s House

All of these books have more than 200 pages.  My favourite book was Shadow because it’s full of suspense and action. It’s about a man who meets a kid named Aman, who is in prison…and I better not tell you anymore, just in case you want to read this really good book.

In Battle of the Books, you’re on a team of students who are in Grades 4,5 and 6 and you compete with other schools.  My group huddles together to answer questions that the judges shoot at us. I like working under pressure because it puts more strain on my brain. I’m really happy that I made the team.

Well, this is the last blog for a while. I’ll write again when I visit Papak and Nana.  I might see them on Valentine’s Day but they already gave me a funny Valentine’s present.  I love frogs but I don’t like kisses so they got me a frog with kisses!

Phoenie and his kissing frog


  1. Great reading your blogs again!
    Looking forward to next time!
    Books are great, aren’t they!
    Larry has read two books in two days here on vacation in Florida. That’s how he measures a good vacation….by how many books he has read!

    • I’m hanging out with Phoenie these days so I’ll definitely show him your comments, Kathy! Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Love reading your blogs Phoenie. I love reading as well and always have a book on the go. It is definitely the key to learning. xo ‘Mrs. B.’

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