Posted by: Diane | February 1, 2014

Thesaurus King

Hey! It’s me, Phoenix!  I’m back at Nana and Papak’s and I’m ready to blog again!


I just looked up this word in my new thesaurus and it’s interesting that “snow” isn’t even in the book. Nana told me that the Eskimos have at least fifty different synonyms for it.

Doesn’t matter.  I still like my thesaurus.

I wanted a thesaurus because I like knowing bigger words that I can use in school and maybe my marks will get higher. I started asking for one at Christmas time and I was really hoping to see one in my presents.  My auntie got me a thesaurus and a really cool nightlight that shines the planets on the ceiling of my room but sadly, Auntie wasn’t here for Christmas so I had to wait until last night to open her presents.

When I saw the thesaurus, I hugged it and I was so excited because now I have a thesaurus AND a dictionary. The first word that I looked up last night was “nerd” because I was looking for Papak’s name.  (Ha, ha – Papak heard me say that!)

Nerdbore, dork, dweep, geek, loser, techie….hey, Papak really is a techie! Papak says a techie is someone who likes to work with computers so I guess I’m a techie too….which means I’m a nerd too! (on Roblox especially!)

Speaking of snow, after Papak makes his famous homemade Belgian waffles, we’re going down to the waterfront because there are big (enormous, mammoth, gargantuan, elephantine, towering,capacious, jumbo, whopping, astronomical and commodious) snowdrifts that are even taller than I am and I want to see if I can climb to the top of the boathouse!

Speaking of “big”, just before I went to bed last night, Papak measured me and apparently, I’m two millimeters shorter than I was in December! That means, I’m shrinking (diminishing, lessening, dwindling, recoiling, reducing) so this summer when Papak and I go camping, he said that the waves from the lake will be much to big for me so I think I’ll have to jump the waves from the wading pool!

I’m going to blog tomorrow about jumping off the boathouse roof into the snowdrifts so stay tuned…but here I am by the water –  Papak calls it the front yard and Nana calls it the back yard. There’s so much snow!



  1. Phoenie, You are an amazing!( wonderful, awesome, fascinating, marvellous, prodigious, incredible, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, breathtaking, extraordinary, impressive, spectacular, stupendous) writer!!!!!

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