Posted by: Diane | January 9, 2014


Sean Lucas once wrote, “In some ways, blogging is a form of thinking out loud in public.” So, let me share some thoughts with you about my personal writing journey.

I’ve wanted to write books all my life.

I finally stopped teaching in 2010 so that I could have some “chunks” of time to really focus and create. It took about a year to write both a book proposal and a complete book.  The book proposal was rejected twice – both times by big publishing companies. The first rejection letter was pretty standard – “your book does not fit our current publishing plan” – and to be honest, I was devastated. I had no understanding of the publishing world at that time so the rejection was as painful as the writing process was exhilarating. By the time the second rejection letter was received, I was much better prepared and I was delighted that this rejection letter was much more personal, thorough and encouraging. I was moving in the right direction and I just kept writing.

I began working on a second book, sent in the necessary book proposal and this proposal was also rejected. When summer, 2013 arrived, I chose to put my laptop down so that I could be “all there” when I babysat our grandson for two months. When the fall came, I got conveniently distracted by working too many hours in a local store.

Now it’s January, 2014.

The days continue to unfold and I now realize that up until this morning, I have been fearful of getting back into the agonizing process of writing. Ernest Hemingway penned it so beautifully when he wrote, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Thomas Mann once wrote,”A writer is a person for whom writing  is more difficult than it is for other people.” 

I’m a writer -writing is hard work.

This morning, I chanced upon these simple words and they powerfully spoke to me.

just startThat’s what I need to do. Just start again. Just do it.

I still believe that I have something to say and I want to keep writing. I have a wonderful husband who supports and encourages me in this journey. I live in a place where the outdoors is breathtaking and provides the perfect setting to ponder.  Most importantly, I believe this is the place that God wants me to be.

No more procrastinating.

I will be finished my second book in a couple of months and will continue trying to find a publisher for both books.

I have some brewing ideas for a third book too.

That’s where I am in my writing journey. I’m just thinking out loud…and getting ready to enter the battle again.

perseverance 2



  1. I am one of the many, standing on the side of the road as you run past, offering you a cup of water and an encouraging word!

  2. Go Diane, Go!!

  3. You go to it Diane…..I know you have the stuff that writers are made for. xo ‘Mrs. B.’

    • I know you’re praying, Mrs. B., Thanks for all the encouragement!

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