Posted by: Diane | December 26, 2013

My Happy Christmas

I just finished listening to my mom read Maniac Magee – a book from my school book club – and Nana grabbed me because it’s time for blogging! By the way, thanks for reading my blogs and commenting sometimes.

My favourite part of Christmas this year was meeting Ed…but the worst part of Christmas this year was also meeting Ed.

Let me explain.

Nana met Ed at the store (smallMart)  she works at and Papak helps Ed with his computer every week.  He came for Christmas tea and dessert last night and I really liked him because he’s very kind. He speaks very quietly and sometimes, it’s hard to hear what he’s saying but I really liked him.  At the end of the night when he was leaving, I hugged him and then I went upstairs to play video games and then I came back downstairs and told him, “Merry Christmas – I’m going to miss you, Ed” and then I hugged him again.

Phoenie and Ed

That’s the good part.

The bad part of all this is that when Ed was leaving to go home, he slipped and Papak saved him but he split his thumb nail open and hurt his shoulder. We were all sad about this but we phoned Ed this morning and he said he was OK.  He also said that he really enjoyed meeting me, too.

My three favourite gifts were:

1. my Minecraft diamond sword which I use for attacking Nana and Papak.

2. my sound machine. It makes all kinds of crazy sounds and I pretend that I’m making that sound.

3. my bean bag chair from Santa.  When I saw the big bag that it came in, I thought Santa had forgotten his bag of toys! I really like this chair but so does my dog, Lola!

opening bean bag chair

sitting in bean bag chair

I also liked practising karate moves on the ice with Papak…

karate kicks on the ice

and I taught Nana how to break big pieces of ice on her head!

Nana and I went tobogganing and it was really cold and the hill was slippery and I fell a lot….but it was fun to watch Nana on my cool sled!

nana on my sled

I love so much about Christmas and I have good news…only 364 more days until Christmas 2014!


  1. We were so glad to see you on Christmas Eve for the Lindstrom family Christmas. I hope your Papak is feeling better. My Grandkids just loved being with you at the celebration, They hope you will come and visit them ov er the holidays!
    I loved your blog,. Perhaps you’ll also be a writer like your Nana!!

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