Posted by: Diane | December 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Linus - what christmas is about

A very special friend wrote this Christmas poem and she has given me permission to publish it on my blog this morning.

Only Once
Only once did someone ever hold,
Newborn within her arms,
Entirety of God in human form,
Perfect holiness so warm,
Poorest child, yet purest gold.
Only once did angels’ glory
Burst the sky in joyful song,
Radiantly proclaiming the spectacular,
Translation of God’s life into vernacular,
Breathtaking simple story.
Only once did the Creator of the earth,
Allow Himself to be created
New within the womb of a  young girl,
And then she watched His tiny fingers curl
Around her own, confirm her worth.
Only once did God allow His Son,
Developing from boy to man,
To teach and heal and preach and show
What God is like, so we could know
That by defeat in death, Christ won.
Only once upon a tree
Could crossed wood pieces hold
The Christmas baby grown to be a man,
Become the sacrificial Lamb,
For sinners such as you and me.
Only once could Life be in a tomb,
Just for a brief, dark time
Wrapped up in swaddling grave clothes,
Easter’s mighty Man then rose,
Needing neither grave nor stable room.
 c  2013 Linda Neff
Merry Christmas candle


  1. What an incredibly beautiful Christmas post….what a gift you are to those of us around the world…..thank you, and Merry Christmas , my dear friend.

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