Posted by: Diane | December 21, 2013

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Once the repairman was finished doing his thing with our non-functioning dishwasher (VERY expensive olive pit stuck in one of the pipes), Chris and I were finally able to concentrate on all things Christmas Tree.

I guess we deserved it – leaving this auspicious event to a mere five days before Christmas resulted in obtaining a tree with a very curved trunk. But as Chris says, “Who wants the perfect Christmas Tree?  Real trees are never perfect.

That’s good enough for me.

Thanks to an old plastic sleeve filled with blank DVDs ( Chris told me a while ago that they might just come in handy one day… who knew?) to prop up one leg of the tree stand, we made significant progress today. (This evening, Chris had a need for those very DVDs and had to go buy some in town. Murphy’s Law…)

What’s important though, is that Chris was home to decorate the tree with me.

Christmas tree 2013

I had a few pensive moments sifting through thirty years of Christmas ornaments that our family has collected.  Thinking back on all our family’s Christmas memories is one of my favourite traditions – so many of these baubles have homemade and humorous stories attached to them. When they’re all displayed on our imperfect tree, well…it just makes me really happy. I can track all the kids’ interests, hobbies and sports by the ornaments that were given to them that year. Most of Chris’ seem to involve music or coffee. Who can forget Dawne’s Gingerbread Candle that she made with she was a little girl. Here’s Danae’s miniature Tote from her Barbie phase…

photo (100)

…and Drew’s Ugliest Ornament Ever.

One of my favourite ornaments is one that a friend made me about 25 years ago. She has since passed away but her legacy of meaningful, homemade crafts lives on.

gingerbread ornament

And who can forget little Phoenie?  His first pair of socks (I can’t believe how tiny they are!) hang on our tree front and center.

socks ornament

Wonderful memories, hanging on a tree.

Tradition: sit with husband in a room lit only by tree lights and remember that our blessings outnumber the lights.      Betsy Canas Garmon


  1. Glad you got your Charlie Brown Christmas Tree up and running! Tis true there is no perfect tree even though at first we might set out to find it. Once it’s decorated, it’s beautiful, ‘Worts and all!!’ (Arnold Reimer)
    Gotta love the traditional memory-laiden ornaments. Those sox are precious indeed!
    When we were kids our Dad brought the tree in Dec 20 and not a minute before (my brother’s birthday).
    As I recall from Maimu, when she was young growing up in Estonia her older sisters decorated the tree December 24th and ‘lit’ it then (maybe even at midnight?) for the small kids to see in all it’s splendor. Can you imagine lighting candles on your tree!
    Today, for many it seems American Thanksgiving starts off our Christmas season. Times have changed, but traditionally we decorate the tree with family (or Mrs. Claus on her own from time to time) whenever we can.
    Your tree is beautiful!
    Merry Christmas to The Chris Lindstrom Family!

    • Thanks, Julianne! What a wonderful email, full of memories and little titbits of info! Looking so forward to coming to your place on the 24th! Love Diane

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