Posted by: Diane | December 11, 2013

Listen To The Pine Cones

On Sunday, our pastor was talking about holy moments – moments that fill you with wonder – and she told a story about an extraordinary experience she had when she was alone in a forest and heard many “crackle” sounds.  She thought it was squirrels running over the twig-covered forest bed but soon figured out that it was the sound of thousands of pine cones opening.  She was mesmerized – the experience stopped her in her tracks and she just took it all in.

I should have paid attention to the entire sermon but I was so intrigued about the sound of pine cones popping that, for a few minutes, I was in that forest, enjoying the sound of nature.

Liz, if you’re reading this, I did indeed get back to reality and even took notes on your sermon! 🙂

When I got home, I had to check this pine cone phenomenon out.

It really is fascinating. When the weather gets hot, mother nature responds accordingly. Birds sing, geese fly across the sky in a beautiful white was against the majestic blue sky, caterpillars emerge, squirrels chatter…and seed bearing pine cones break apart. Pine cones are very temperature and humidity sensitive and once the scales of the cones dry out, the tiny seeds are flung outward by a distinct “popping.”

These are the wondrous moments to savor.  Call them what you will but in this world of constant distraction, recognize these times and choose stillness and calm. Be devoted to the moment – easy to say, difficult to do.

Life unfolds in the present yet so often, I allow time to rush past unobserved and unseized. I’m guilty of rushing through life. I try to squeeze so much life into a day and sometimes, I miss the simplest of joys.

So, at this moment, on this windy and snowy day, I’m sitting on this couch, wrapped in my blanket, drinking chai tea and watching this pine-cone-popping video.

I’ve actually watched it a number of times… and I’ve enjoyed every second of it.
notice things

Be still and know that I am God.    Psalm 46.10 NIV

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