Posted by: Diane | December 9, 2013

All About Christmas

Hi everybody! I’m still at Papak and Nana’s house and I wanted to blog a bit about Christmas.

We just got back from church and Nana had to stop in at the store to buy labels for something.  When we got home, she explained that she and Papak bought presents for a mother and her 5 year old son to give them a Happy Christmas, just like us. I was surprised when Nana told me that these people will never know who gave them the presents. Also, Nana and Papak will never meet these people either. I think that’s cool because it’s just like Santa. He knows whether we’re naughty or nice people but either way, everybody gets some stuff to make them happy. I think Papak and Nana are very generous and kind to spread the holiday cheer.

Phoenie and Christmas presents

I think there’s only two weeks left of school and sometimes, I think I’m not going to make it! I’m so excited about Christmas and seeing all my family and relatives, like Coco. Papak and Nana also invited an 80-year-old stranger to Christmas dinner and he’s mysterious to me. I’ve never met him but Papak told me that he’s going to be alone at Christmas this year and that makes me surprised and sad.  Maybe I can tell him some jokes. I’m good at memorizing bible verses too so this shouldn’t be any problem.

I would like a thesaurus for Christmas. When I use bigger words, I feel like a genius.  Yesterday,  I looked up the word, “dude” in the thesaurus and I found the word, “Coxcomb.” As soon as I saw my friend, Kelvin, I said to him, “Hey, Coxcomb.”  Kelvin replied, “Thank you….I think.”  That was a good response, considering he had no idea what the word meant.

I hope it snows at Christmas so I can go tobogganing. I still remember when Nana and I went tobogganing a couple of years ago. Nana fell off the toboggan and she landed with her head in the snow.  I laughed so much.  Nana and Papak have an awesome hill nearby and sometimes, their friends use snowmobiles to pull all the kids up the hill! Now, THAT’S the way to go sledding!

I get most excited about seeing my relatives. I don’t want to be greedy with presents because that’s not the reason we celebrate Christmas.  I also love the big turkey and stuffing and all the Christmas baking.

It’s going to be a wonderful Christmas.

I hope you all enjoy your Christmas with family and friends.

(Please leave a comment because I want more comments than Nana gets.) Thank you!


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  2. Nice to see another blog from you Phoenie. Sounds as though you are learning the true meaning of Christmas from your Nana and Papak. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. xo ‘Mrs. B.’

    • Thanks, Mrs. B. I’ll make sure Phoenie gets your greeting!

  3. I love your blog today Phoenix! You are making me miss all the wonders of Christmas in Canada, especially the sledding! I bet you didn’t know that in our boathouse, I have the fastest GT Snow Racer Alsop’s Beach has ever seen! It isn’t pretty, but it’s fun and it’s fast! Like you, I remember how hard it was to wait for school to be over and all the traditions of Christmas to begin – including getting out on the sledding hill! Like you, I love using my thesaurus and the big Oxford Dictionary that I got for Christmas many years ago. Words can be so much fun. I also love my rhyming dictionary because I enjoy writing limericks! You should try them. I bet you’d be good at them! Here’s one I just thought of – obviously without the help of either of my dictionaries! There once was a Coxcomb named Kelvin, Who at Christmas enjoyed everything elven. With his buddy named Phoenie, They dressed in all red and green-ie, And helped Santa with all his delivrin! Being in Mexico for the winter, we are away from our family, and most of our friends too, but with emails and Skype video calls, we can connect with them on a regular basis. We have a wonderful circle of friends here in Baja, and will have Christmas dinner with them, but I will still miss my family and all our traditions – like opening our stockings together and all the singing in the kitchen while we do the dishes after dinner! Thanks for reminding me of the reason for the season! Keep helping Nana and Papak spread the holiday cheer and making them, and your mom, very proud! We hope you and all of your family and friends, old and new, have a very merry Christmas.-Mo- …and Ian too! xoxo Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2013 15:05:49 +0000 To:

    • Love your poem, Mo! Will definitely let Phoenie know that you’ve written him!

  4. Thanks so much, Phoenix! I love your blog entries, especially this one. Hope you get a thesaurus for Christmas. When you know more words, you can “get” more jokes, because so many jokes depend on knowing the words being “played on.” You might even get more jobs when you grow up, because you will sound intelligent in the interviews!
    Also, I hope you keep with your plan to cheer up the older gentleman who is coming for Christmas. That will make Jesus happy. And the older man will be happier, not just for the moment, but also when he enjoys – in the cold dark days of January – the memory of visiting with you.
    Blessings, and peace, Mrs. Neff
    PS: Do you know the word “shalom”? It means “peace” in Hebrew.

    • Phoenie’s going to love the new word, “shalom.” Thanks, Linda! I’ll pass this on to him!

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