Posted by: Diane | November 14, 2013

Rob Ford’s World

Front page of today’s Toronto Star – WHAT ROB FORD’S STAFF KEPT SECRET

Drugs and bad company. Angry outbursts. Heavy drinking. Erratic work habits…

…and it goes on for sixteen pages. Enough already.

When does this stop? – it’s like a blood bath. For the past two weeks, I have opened my newspaper to read disheartening news about Rob Ford.  Yesterday, the headline was something like, “Rob Ford – laughing stock of the world.”

I don’t think it’s funny at all. I think it’s really sad and this man needs help. Rob Ford’s world is spinning out of control and someone needs to TAKE him off the public platform because at this point, he can’t recognize and admit his sickness – that’s what alcoholism does. Addiction blinds and Ford’s battle with the bottle rages on.

I don’t claim to understand the political world but I think it’s reasonable to assume that too many power-hungry people chose to look the other way when Rob Ford was running for mayoral office. The almighty dollar and political pressure ruled over wisdom, compassion and tough love for a man who should have been dealing with him woundedness, rather than his political aspirations.

I wonder whether this man has someone in his inner circle who authentically cares for his soul; someone who has no misconstrued motives or hidden agenda; someone who can draw close to Ford and offer help and hope because this politician needs to retreat, repent, restructure and experience rebirth as a sober, hope-filled man.

When I was younger, I remember hearing people say, “Stop the World – I want to get off.”  My prayer is that someone will have the confidence, wisdom and God-given direction to help Rob Ford stop his world, step off and begin healing…because right now, he can’t help himself.

stop  the world, I want to get off

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing, it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.                                                            Ephesians 2.8,9  ESV


  1. I share your utter frustration with the whole Rob Ford story – one sad part to this story is Rob DOES indeed have many people who authentically care about his soul – many of those he knows and those of us whom he doesn’t know. What I know of addictions, the addict HAS to hit the bottom on their own, in their own time. Nobody but nobody can convince him to seek healing – God allows us free choice and the dignity to make our own choice about surrender. We can only continue to pray for him and his family – may his journey to surrender and healing hurry along. God Grant us the serenity …

  2. It’s interesting that when we talk about a city’s police force we will say they are “New York’s finest;” implying that the only the best aspire to serve their municipality in this way. Continuing in that track, the mayor of a city should be “Chicago’s best,” or “Calgary’s best.” In a city of more than three million, the top office should go to someone who exemplifies the “finest” the city has to offer, and such a person should be relatively easy to find in a city of that size.

    Hopefully, Toronto’s next mayor will be the kind of person who spends his (or her) evenings at the opera, at the symphony or at charity events; not in the parking lots of seedy neighbourhoods at 4:00 AM.

  3. I will pray along with you Diane. I am in the south, and he made CNN headline news along with the disaster and incredible loss of life in the Philipines and the US Obamacare fiasco. I could hardly believe my eyes. I felt deep sadness for the man.
    Praying that someone will be used of God, to come alongside him, present the truth that he desperately needs to hear that can set him free!

  4. You truly do have a heart for seeing as God would see…. thanks for seeing beneath the surface and encouragin us to do the same.

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