Posted by: Diane | November 9, 2013

“Slow Down With Christmas Already!”

I work in retail and I’ve been diligently but mindlessly pricing Christmas merchandise for the past month, in preparation for the soon-to-happen onslaught of Christmas shoppers.  The paper skeletons, pumpkin necklaces and creepy spiders have been stored away and the Christmas decorations are slowly creeping up the walls of the store.

This is my part-time employment but I’m not ready to commit to any personal Christmas celebrating. I don’t want to sing about Frosty the Snowman yet and to be perfectly honest, I don’t ever want to power my way through aisles and aisles of bright lights and festive gift bags. It feels like the Christmas bomb is lurking behind the door, ticking away and ready to make havoc as soon as the door is opened and the bomb is detonated.

So, something in me connected strongly to this creative graphic. 

It was a “Hmmm….” moment.

HO HO HOLD the holidays

I will deliberately stop and be silenced as I experience and respect Remembrance Day…and I will be wearing my poppy.

Remembrance Day


  1. Having been personally affected, I very much appreciate that picture. Thanks for echoing my sentiments.

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