Posted by: Diane | November 7, 2013

Me, Myself And I

I recently heard on the radio that according to a new US study, a typical college student uses his smartphone or tablet an average of 11 times a day while in class – mostly for texting, checking emails or tweeting.  What’s really interesting to me is that more than 80% of the students surveyed admitted that their use of smart phones, tablets and laptops interfered with their learning. More than a quarter of the students confessed that their grades suffer as a result…

…but as Barney McCoy, an associate professor of broadcasting, says, “students think it’s part of their lives.”

That’s really interesting to me – of course, students think it’s part of their lives. I’m pretty sure that if past generations had had the same access to technology as this generation of students, exactly the same thing would have happened – it’s human nature.  Remember how many hours we spent on the phone as teenagers? Remember how often our irritated parents would tell us to “GET OFF THE PHONE…NOW!”  Remember the note passing and the conversations that just had to happen with your friend when the teacher was writing something on the board during class? That too, distracted us from learning in the classroom, didn’t it?

Everything has changed when it comes to technology but nothing has changed when it comes to human nature. We’re still a people that need to learn about self discipline. We’re still a people who need to practise delayed gratification. There’s a lot of learned behavior that needs to happen as we grow up because naturally, and if left untouched, life is all about “me” and what “I” want, when “I” want it.

That’s the way we are. That’s the way we’ve always been.

summed up

A person without self control is like a city with broken-down walls.  Proverbs 25.28  NLT


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