Posted by: Diane | November 6, 2013

He Never Changes

Well, this is a new twist on the traditional Christmas tree.

upside down Christmas tree

I recently saw these artificial, upside-down, space-saving Christmas trees being advertised in our local newspaper and to be honest, I had to take a second look. I’m always bedazzled by all the new and creative merchandise that comes out every Christmas but upside-down Christmas trees??  Really??

Chris and I live in a relatively small house and I can’t even imagine the responses that we would solicit from our kids as they walked into the living room and saw all the Christmas ornaments hanging from this 7-1/2 foot “beauty.”

Some things don’t need to change – Christmas trees is one of those things.

More importantly, the true meaning of Christmas will never change.

Doesn’t matter how you dress it up, change it around, ignore it, argue against it, turn it upside-down, make it more inclusive of other belief systems or minimize it to a mere, “winter holiday,”  the simple and eternal truth is that Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s birthday. As cliche-ish as it sounds, Christ IS the reason for this season.

I recently read that, “The message of the season is not ‘Let it snow’ or ‘Let us shop.’ The real message of Christmas is, ‘Let us worship.’ 

It is Christ we worship. It is Christ we celebrate.

Christmas tree truth 2

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