Posted by: Diane | November 5, 2013

Miami Vineyard Community Church

Chris and I had a really good time at the Miami Vineyard Community Church this past Sunday. There are five services every weekend – two on Friday night and three on Sunday morning/afternoon – we went to the 10:00 a.m. service and it was packed.

Miami Vineyard Community Church

The music was amazing – there were fifteen musicians/singers and they rocked the house with a great sound that included bongo drums and whistles. The enthusiastic worship leader was also on keys and he was thoroughly enjoying every minute of making music!

The message was excellent – the pastor was beginning a five week series on “LIVING LARGE” and Sunday’s message was based on Proverbs 18.21:

Words kill and words give life; they’re either poison or fruit – you choose.  MSG

Here’s some interesting trivia – Miami is regularly voted as the rudest city in America so apparently, this message on the impact of our words was very appropriate.

There was a ten year old boy sitting beside me and I was amazed at how attentive he was when the pastor was speaking. At this church, everyone in the congregation is encouraged and given time to think “on the spot” about application of the message. I know I shouldn’t have been peeking but I had to chuckle when I saw this on his sheet:

Point 1. We impact others when we show courtesy.

Q: Who will I impact this way?

A: my sister’s friends

Point 2. We impact others when we offer mercy.

Q: Who will I impact this way?

A: my sister’s friends

Point 3. We impact others when we express sympathy.

Q: Who will I impact this way?

A: my sister’s friends

Point 4. We impact others when we speak honestly.

Q: Who will I impact this way?

A: my sister’s friends

Point 5. We impact others when we affirm genuinely.

Q: Who will I impact this way?

A: my sister’s friends.

He was definitely keepin’ it real. Apparently, this boy had some serious issues with his sister’s friends.

After the service, Chris and I wandered around the lobby. I don’t know how many donuts 3,000 people can consume before, during and after the five services but I’m telling you, there had to be at least 300 dozen Dunkin’ Donuts piled up on a massive table.

Free coffee, tea and hot chocolate, free donuts.

This was definitely a church that’s involved with the community – weekly ESL classes, Feed the Homeless, Coca Cola Give Away, $1.00 car washes (this was interesting – the church pays the customers $1.00 to wash their car!), free bake sales, a food pantry, ice cream socials at the local nursing homes, Spanish classes…the list goes on.

There was a huge hospitality team working diligently in the lobby, a creative information booth, a bookstore and TVs with information about the weekly programs offered by the church: COLLIDE –  a group for artists,  Divorce Care, Alpha program, Zumba in the Park, Marriage Matters seminars, Family Matters seminars, a group for motorcycle riders, Victorious Living groups, Bible study groups, Frugal Living Group, Recovery Group, Financial Peace group – seems like there’s something for everybody…

..and that includes the youth as well – they have their own five services in the youth warehouse and they also offer youth band, dance classes, improv group, Boys to Men group, girls’ groups, Geek Squads and meetings for young adults.

This church even has a Pastor of Fun who has a number of videos on Youtube. Check this one out.


It was a great morning and from what we could see, this is a church that “walks it talk.”

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