Posted by: Diane | November 4, 2013

Weekend Trip To Miami

Question: What was my favourite drink in Miami, Florida?

Answer: Blueberry Mint Lemonade – a mixture of “our famous lemonade, muddled blueberries, agave and mint” from the 5 Napkin Grill in South Beach.

Yup! – I headed down to Miami for two days to surprise my husband. It was a very spontaneous decision but sometimes, those are the best kind. Chris has spent two weeks in Miami and wasn’t planning on coming home this past weekend because he only had two more days this week, before coming home. So, I decided it would be good to pack up and head south to spend the weekend with him – call it investing in my marriage. A wise friend once told me, “parenting is passing but partnership is permanent so love your spouse well and have fun together.” Those words have stuck in my mind and heart for many years, so heading to Miami was well worth squishing into a window seat beside a 400 pound man for three hours. (However, it did make getting out to use the bathroom a big deal!)

It was so good to see my husband walk through that hotel room door.

On Friday night, we walked around an outdoor mall – something that we’re not used to in Canada.  The place was bustling with the bizarre, the bodacious and the practically bare, which give South Beach its reputation. Yet, in the middle of the mall was a Spanish-style community church that offered such contrast to everything around it. So much color, so much activity…but I was far more interested in Dylan’s Candy Bar, where they sold Jelly Bellies cheaper than in Canada.

On Saturday, we had a much needed sleep in, followed by a five hour tour of the island on scooters… because that’s how we roll.  We had a fantastic time zipping in and out of traffic, checking out the beach, as well as the Art Deco hotels and buildings from Miami Beach’s past.  We also enjoyed authentic Cuban cuisine for lunch.                                                                            Miami - us on scooters

Miami -scooters

photo (86)

Miami -Diane and fountain

Sunday, we headed to Miami Vineyard Community Church in the morning and then went cycling for four hours along the canal.

Miami - Diane with bikes

We also took a tour of a 90 foot yacht, pretending that we were interested in renting or buying it.  We scored some much needed free water out of the deal.

Chris was bagged by the end of the weekend – I don’t think he was planning on so much exercise and sun –  but very happy that I flew south to be with him.

It was a bit sad to get dropped off at the airport this morning and to watch Chris speed off in his bright canary-yellow Camaro (Chris’ free bump from his rental company).

I miss my husband already – but he’s coming home tomorrow night.  I also miss the neat interior lighting of that muscle car.

Cheap Jelly Bellies will have to suffice for two days…

I’m heading home this morning…sure hope I have a little more elbow room in the plane!

Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away. If one were to give all the wealthy of his house for love, it would be utterly scorned.                                     Song of Solomon 8.7 NIV




  1. That’s living in the moment! Love it!

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