Posted by: Diane | October 28, 2013

Phoenie’s Back!

Phoenie turned nine years old this past week…

Phoenie's 9th b:day - with cake

…and he agreed to an interview.

Phoenie's 9th b:day - with HB glasses

NANA : So, how does it feel to be back on nana’s blog, Phoenie?

PHOENIX: Oh, I’m excited because it’s been a while and I like blogging with you, Nana. I forgot to be your guest blogger at Thanksgiving! I wanted to talk about that turkey we ate – it was so big!

NANA : How’s your new home?

PHOENIX : It’s very nice. There’s a lot of space because there are four floors so I can run around a lot.  I also like playing soccer. Remember when you and I kicked that gigantic green ball and by mistake, we hit mom’s nice plate and broke it? We were afraid to tell mom, right? We were a team. 

NANA: Oh yah, I remember that – what a team! Anyways, what’s the best part of your new school?

PHOENIX:  A lot of people at my school are nice. I have just as much homework and that’s the part of my new school that I don’t like…but I’m used to it now. I have a lot of projects. I just finished a tree project.  I also have a book report.  I also have to memorize the Old Testament and the New Testament too.  

NANA: You have to memorize the whole Bible?

Phoenix: I know – it’s huge and I have to memorize it in order. 

NANA:  Whoa, I don’t know anyone who has memorized the whole Bible, Phoenie. That’s a lot to ask a nine-year-old boy to do.

PHOENIX:  Yah, I know.  I just need to give it a lot of time. 

NANA: Hm…Ok…well,  let’s move on.  How does it feel to be nine years old now?

PHOENIX: Good. I’m finally older like the other Grade 4 students. Now, I just have to get taller too but come to think of it, I don’t feel any different then when I was eight years old.

NANA: What was your favourite part of your birthday celebrations?

PHOENIX: Oh, that’s easy.  When Josh, Tyler and Kelvin came over and played all afternoon. They are good friends and we played Cuponk – you sink the ball in the cup and it lights up! We also wrestled and when you were working, we attacked each other with Silly String and when we were done, your front lawn looked like it had been vandalized – there was even Silly String hanging from the bird house and the bushes! Uncle Drew had to clean it up and he wasn’t very happy about that. 

NANA: No, Uncle Drew wasn’t happy at all. Did you like your new bacon wallet? 

PHOENIX: Oh yah….but I don’t know where it is right now.  It makes me hungry when I look at it. I love that you and Papak got me a wallet that looks like bacon. I’ve never seen a bacon wallet before…but I LOVE bacon! 


NANA: Did you like the way Nana decorated the kitchen for you as a surprise?

PHOENIX:  I knew you would do some thing special for me, Nana. Thanks. I liked looking up and seeing all the decorations and the balloons and the stuff on the front door.

Phoenie's 9th b:day - decorations

NANA: Well, thank you so much for making time for this important interview, Phoenix.

PHOENIX: You’re welcome, Nana and next time you ask me, I’ll do it again!

NANA: I’m glad you came to our house for a birthday party, We love you so much!

PHOENIX: I love you too, Nana. 

PS.  I had to get to the bottom of this “memorizing the whole Bible” thing so I talked with my daughter, who clarified that Phoenix had to memorize all the names of the books in the Old and New Testament…not the whole bible!!

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