Posted by: Diane | October 3, 2013

Phoenie’s Return

My soon-to-be nine year old grandson was my guest blogger every Monday morning, for the entire summer. Phoenie and I really looked forward to cuddling up on the couch on working on his “message” – it was a special time for both of us and many readers commented how much they enjoyed his insights, humor and strong writing.

Last weekend, he came to visit and I asked him if he wanted me to interview him so the readers could catch up on his life.

His answer was a solid “yes”, followed by a big smile.

Nana:  So, you’ve moved to another city. Do you like your new house?

Phoenie:  Nana, it’s a town house and I have my very own floor!  There’s lots of good hiding spots too! The other good thing is that I don’t have to drive in the car for so long to get to school.  In fact, I don’t drive in a car at all – I take the school bus!

Nana: What don’t you like about your new house?

Phoenie: It’s not the house -it’s the neighbourhood. So far, I haven’t met anyone my age. There aren’t usually any kids on the street and I go to a different school all day. I really miss my friends in Sudbury.  When I went back to Sudbury to visit my old friends, I was so happy. I got to hang out with Mateo and that was so much fun.

Nana:  Well, just give it some time, Phoenie.  Everybody likes playing with you because you’re a cool kid.

Phoenie: I know.

Nana: So, tell me about your new school.

Phoenie: Well, the first day, I was introduced to a lot of new kids and I couldn’t remember any of their names.  I have more people in my class this year. I have two teachers but I prefer Mrs. McGregor because she’s not so strict. I can hardly wait to join the Robotics club at school because I love Science.  I also joined Cross Country but my friend and I bumped into each other when we crashed on the hill and I got a goose egg on my head. You should see the other guy!

Nana: Did you sign up for swimming in your new town?

Phoenie: Nope. Not yet. But I started karate and I REALLY like it.

karate Phoenie

Nana: If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

Phoenie: I wouldn’t move…but I’m OK and it’s getting better. Mom told m that it just takes time. I really miss my old friends.

Nana:  Well, I made you a chocolate treat.  Will that help?

Phoenie: (smiling) Yup!

Nana:  What do you want to tell the people who enjoy reading your guest blogs?

Phoenie: I would like to say to the readers that I miss writing my Monday blogs and I’ll try to be Nana’s guest blogger at Thanksgiving.

Phoenie in my sunglasses

Nana:  Thank you, Mr. Phoenix Slobodian, for taking the time to be interviewed.

Phoenie:  Can I go wrestle Papak now?

Nana: He’s all yours!


  1. What a ‘cool’ dude. Look forward to his blogging at Thanksgiving. xo ‘Mrs. B’

  2. Love it!!

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