Posted by: Diane | September 27, 2013

“Older-Younger” Womens’ Friendships

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I spent the day with my young friend, Monika, who is heading to her high school prom tonight.  Monika and I have been meeting for about a year and a half – we started out as “tutor and tutee” during the second half of her Grade 11 year and that relationship has continued through her Grade 12 year as well. I cherish the friendship that has blossomed out of the hundreds of hours that we’ve spent together.

Here’s a perfect example of a thriving, instilling and mutually encouragin older-younger woman relationship. It’s been a pleasure to build into Monika’s life and she has certainly kept me on my toes! Both of us have enjoyed every minute of hangin’ out together…except times like this when I made her wear a shower cap this afternoon as we drove back from the hairdresser so that her hair wouldn’t fall because of the humidity.

This is the “fore” picture – as you can see, she wasn’t pleased.


…and this is the “aft.” The shower cap did its’ job and she was stunning.

and aft...

In our North American culture, we’re losing the life changing dynamics of this unique and spirit-enriching relationship between older and younger women.

The biblical account of the friendship between an elderly Elizabeth and a teenage Mary is a beautiful example of the way things were. The Gospel of Luke provides a fascinating account of a healthy, God-honoring and what must have been a very enjoyable relationship between two women of different generations.

Elizabeth was a righteous woman and conceived her son miraculously as an older and barren woman, after her husband received a revelation from God. She was in the sixth month of her pregnancy at the same time that Mary, mother of Jesus, was also blessed with a miracle child. Mary had received her own revelation from the angel, Gabriel, that she too would miraculously conceive a son so she packed up, headed to Elizabeth’s house and stayed there for three months.

Can you imagine their conversations? I can picture them sitting together, exchanging stories, giggling and watching each other’s belly get bigger as the days unfolded.  Most likely, Elizabeth enjoyed the energy and innocence of this younger woman, preparing to give birth.  Mary must have appreciated the wisdom of an older woman who had been married for many years. She must have bombarded Elizabeth with all her questions about being a wife and taking care of a home.

Elizabeth and Mary “did life together.” They were vulnerable with their lives and shared their thoughts and fears, joys and frustrations.  They encouraged and prayed for each other. They listened and laughed.  They were very different women of very different ages but they were both women who loved God and desired to honor Him with their lives. What a beautiful and natural friendship.

These are the kind of friendships that I desire and I’m so very thankful for women like Monika in my life.

Monika and Rose purse

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.  1  Thessalonians 5.11 NIV 



  1. Oh Diane she looks absolutely stunning! What an unmeasurable gift you have given her through your mentoring and friendship, God truly is smiling!

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