Posted by: Diane | September 21, 2013

This Is TOO Warm!

Early this rainy, gloomy Saturday, I came downstairs to spend some time in prayer. It was really cold in the room so I wrapped myself up in my sunset blanket. This crocheted creation is ridiculously warm so It definitely did the trick but I had to chuckle because it felt like I was in a cocoon.

Chris took a picture of me later – and with this very becoming shot of me, I bid goodbye for a week. I’ll be returning to the blog on Monday, September 30th but starting on Monday, 23rd, I’ll be reposting some of my favourite stories.

Have a great week!

cocoon blanket


  1. that’s a Hilarious picture!
    Enjoy your cocoon time!
    I look forward to seeing and hearing from the butterfly…

  2. I love the colours!! Have a great week and happy birthday!!

  3. You are going to be such a beautiful butterfly when you emerge from that cocoon! …and here are some birthday wishes coming your way 🙂 it’s going to be a growing, amazing year!

  4. Wow! I Cant believe that you were cold. That Is absolutely shocking to me. I can hardly believe that the blanket is going to get any larger. I had an idea the other night that you should enter your blanket into the next Beaverton fall fair. I am sure that it would win first prize for sure.

    Love Monika Wechel

    p.s I am sorry again that I missed your Skype call

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