Posted by: Diane | September 17, 2013

It’s Here, At Last!

Apparently, it’s getting colder these days but I don’t really notice – I think my body is still adjusting to the “changes of life” and selfishly, I seem to be most content when everyone else is freezing. (Every time I think of that commercial on TV, with the middle-aged woman coming outside in the middle of a snowstorm so she can brush off the air conditioner, it makes me chuckle.)

First clue about the change in temperature?

Chris came home from a five day canoe trip on Sunday afternoon. He was a very happy, tired camper and I noticed that he was wearing a warm hat – the same one he sported while we went cycling on a rather nippy day in Alaska, last May. “Hm…” I thought, “It must have been cold up north!” 

coming home from camping

Despite the fact that I thought he looked like a little camping elf, he said the nights were indeed cold and the hat came in very handy.

Second clue about the change in temperature around here?

I went into the back room to get something from the files this morning and there was Chris working away at his desk, wearing the same hat!

still cold...

Third and final clue that perhaps I should consider shutting the back sliding door?

Chris wandered into the living room, looked at the thermometer and announced, “It’s 62° in here!”, to which my t-shirt wearing self responded, “Yah, isn’t it wonderful? The air is so crisp! What a beautiful day!”


My husband shook his head and wandered back into his office, hat on head.

Now, may I add that it’s not only the womanly changes in life that cause me to enjoy cool weather. I just love everything about the Fall! As much as I am very thankful that I live in Canada, where there are four, distinct seasons to enjoy, the Fall is definitely my favourite season, hands down. Unlike my friends who dread bringing out the jeans and sweaters, mittens and hats because it’s an obvious admission that summer weather has officially come to an end, I say, “Bring on the fall clothes, let’s go look at all the cool “back to school” stuff in the stores, let’s go up north and watch the at the leaves change colour, let’s buy a Thanksgiving turkey and make some stuffing, let’s put the flannel sheets on the bed and fall asleep to the sounds of the waves and the cool breezes sweeping in the bedroom window!  Yahoo! 

I can’t help it. I know I should respect those who are mourning the loss of hot weather but my heart sings when I hear my neighbour start up the leaf blower. The leaves die, I thrive. The docks get pulled to shore, I go down to my swing on the shore. Bikes get put away, I put on my pants and layers and finger-full gloves. People begin to think about a Caribbean cruise, I pine for Alaska.

Happy End-Of-Summer everyone!


  1. Even though I’m a teacher, I feel the same way about fall. I love it!

  2. Yes, I remember my teaching days….the fall meant ramping up – just as I finally felt rested from the year before, the next year started! Right?

  3. I am with you. I was born on Nov.4th and the gorgeous Fall is always my favorite. Craig and I always take 1 last trip to the beach in oct. to say goodbye to the Hot summer! Love Fall~ xo

  4. Yup – I agree with you- I LOVE Fall and the coloured leaves, no bugs and the crisp air- especially when the sun is shining too-like today!!

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