Posted by: Diane | September 16, 2013

Meetin’ With The Moms

What a wonderful Sunday morning it was!

For the third year in a row, I had the privilege of speaking to a group of wonderful young moms – and for the first year ever, there were no young children in tow!

My good friend, Karen, leads up an organization called Sunrise Pregnancy and Family Support Services and for the past twenty one years, has been committed to assisting and equipping young and pregnant women, who are in need of support for a variety of reasons.  The organization strengthens families through providing emotional care and meeting practical needs. Karen is one special woman whom God has used mightily in the lives of countless women in her community. She is deeply loved, respected and appreciated by everyone who gets to know her.

Here are some of her brood, snuggling with my unfinished (four more months of sunsets to crochet!) sunset blanket that I brought along to illustrate a life lesson.

retreat picture

It is marvellous for me to watch these young women grow, blossom and come along others to help them in their young years of motherhood. This is such an amazing, creative, fun loving group of women, who let loose, relax, sleep in, create amazing crafts, eat great food and thoroughly enjoy each other’s company for the weekend.  I know that for many of these women, the days are counted until this much needed weekend becomes a reality.

I am always so moved to see how these women love Karen (the woman wearing the light blue sweater, in the middle of the picture)  I spoke on the topic of “Know Who You Are – Be Who You Were Created To Be and unquestionably, Karen has worked tirelessly and humbly throughout the years, being who God has created her to be – her faithfulness and love for these young moms is noteworthy and inspiring. There are accomplished, gifted women following Karen’s leadership, who are also passionate about serving and supporting this unique group of women – and the cycle continues.

I am sure that when God looks down on Karen’s life and ministry, He smiles.  Karen delights unwaveringly in God and it shows in how she loves these women.

Thank you – each of you – for the privilege of sharing His Word and my stories with you – and for such grace and openness to receive. Thank you, Karen – for your precious friendship.

The Lord takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those who hope is in his steadfast love.                          Psalm 147.11

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