Posted by: Diane | September 5, 2013

“Time Flies”…Or Is It “Time Flys?”

In the midst of cleaning up our house after a summer time of frolic, I came across some scrapbooks of our family’s yesteryears. Oh my goodness…where does the time go? Here’s Dawne, our 30 year old daughter, heading out to her first day of kindergarten – September, 1988. (Dig that doggie knapsack!) I remember the day as if it was yesterday. Little five-year-old Dawne was more than ready to tackle this new adventure and I distinctly remember that I burst into tears because my little girl was growing up and heading to school.

Dawne - first day

Here’s Dawne’s son, Phoenie heading out to his first day of Grade 4 at a new school – September 2013.

Phoenie  - first day

Phoenie will be taking the bus this year but for the first couple of days this week, Dawne wanted to take him by car. Apparently, as Dawne walked Phoenie towards the school yard, he turned to her and said, “I’m good from here, Mom.”  Dawne’s worried response of “Are you sure Phoenie?” was returned with a confident, “I’ve got this.” Dawne held it together until she got back into the car… and then, she too cried.

Like mom, like mom.

Phoenie took the bus this morning for the first time and as the two of them waited for the bus at the end of the street,  he kindly said, “Mom, you can go wait in the car.” 

Yup…he’s growing up.

I don’t know who it was who coined the phrase, “Time flies” but he/she certainly got that right – it’s an idiom that has definitely stood the test of time. When I was a young mom, there were days that seemed to never end but from a grandmother’s perspective, I can see how those days morphed into years that passed so quickly.

I have a friend who recently texted me these words about spending time with her grown up daughters:

“I had a moment of sadness last night – just having my family all together brought tears. I’m feeling emotional these days!  I guess it isn’t sadness – just a realization that these times are precious and I want to soak it all in.” 

These times are precious.

Margaret Peters once said, “Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.”

time flies 3

Family matters.

Family for always and no matter what.


  1. Yes, time flies, but I’m glad the memories remain. Family!


  2. Yes it does!

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