Posted by: Diane | September 3, 2013

Alice Cooper’s Beliefs

My husband showed me this fascinating video about Vincent Furnier, otherwise known as Alice Cooper. I wasn’t into Heavy Rock music when I was younger but I did know who Alice Cooper was – everybody did. He was known for some crazy, theatrical antics when he performed but apparently, he never denied being a Christian. This is a great video to watch, as he talks about how it all started.

In a 2012 interview with Christina Patterson, Alice Cooper spoke some telling words.

Would he, I ask, have described himself as a Christian during the years of excess? “No,” he says, “because I wasn’t living the lifestyle.” But did he believe it all? “Yes.”

If he really believed it all at the time he was drinking a bottle of whiskey a day, and sleeping with every groupie who threw herself at him, he must surely have thought he was in trouble? “Oh, absolutely,” says Cooper again. “When I was at my height, I thought: ‘If this plane is going down now, I’m going directly to Hell. I know that I owe my soul to Christ, but I’m betting that I can go one more day.'” When he finally sobered up, he realized he couldn’t. For a moment, he thought he would have to give up being Alice Cooper, but luckily his pastor disagreed. “He said,” says Cooper, in the way you say something when you think you’ve won an argument, “‘does God make mistakes?'”

Does he believe the Bible is the literal word of God? “Yes, true each word.” Does he believe the Old Testament? “I believe the Old Testament explicitly.” So he doesn’t believe in evolution? “I believe there’s evolution inside the species.” And does he think that the world was created in seven days? “Oh yes.” God, says Cooper, “has a plan for everybody. I look at my life and I think, ‘how is it possible that I didn’t die? In the music business, I am living in a world that’s not my world and when asked, I am open with what I believe.

Like I said, I don’t know much about Alice Cooper but I appreciate his frankness and from what I can see, he is very aware of where and when things got out of control in his life. He sees himself as the Prodigal Son. He knows of his sin and he knows of God’s hand on his life.

In my opinion, the title of the Youtube video smacks of arrogance and judgment – who are we to judge this man’s heart? Today, I am reminded that we all live before an audience of One.


  1. So very true, “we all live before an audience of One”.

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