Posted by: Diane | August 26, 2013

Phoenie’s Last Blog

This is Phoenix Slobodian’s last blog for the summer.  It’s been a pleasure having him as my guest blogger every Monday and I know many readers have enjoyed his stories.  He’s heading into Grade 4 next week and has a few last words before he goes shopping for “back to school” stuff to fill his knapsack.

So, Phoenie, what are some of your favourite memories of the summer?

Well, I really liked going to Wonderland with my friends, Jacob and Ben because we got to go on a rollercoaster.  I also liked swimming a lot in Nana and Papak’s lake.  Oh, and last week I went tubing on a stand up tube.  All summer, I was afraid to go tubing because last time I went tubing with Papak, I flipped under the water and I really didn’t like that. I finally decided to try it again because Nana told me to face my fears and Kelvin made me go with him.  This time, I LOVED it!

I also went to two camps and had fun but I especially liked the snacks because they were all junky food.  

At the beginning of the summer, I went camping with Papak and I really liked feeding the chipmunk when it came close to me.  I think I might write another speech for school about camping with Papak.

How do you feel about being the guest blogger every Monday morning this summer?

I felt happy about blogging because I’ve never done it before. It was exciting because people read my blog. Every week. Nana and I checked for mistakes and then Nana published my stories. I really like the comments about my writing.  I also think it’s good for Nana to continue blogging.

Maybe next summer, I will be a guest blogger again. When I come to visit Nana and Papak during the year, I might blog then too.


Phoenix Slobodian

Phoenix in the corn


  1. I have really enjoyed reading your Blogs, Phoenie. Keep writing! and enjoy your new school!

    • I’ll definitely pass on your message, Karen. I know Phoenie will appreciate your comments!

  2. Phoenix, I have enjoyed your blogging even though I have not commented – you never know whose tuning -in, right? I really liked reading about your fun- filled summer with friends and family – all your swimming in the lake, and camp and camping. Quite an amazing summer really! I also love your picture of late summer in the corn field! And when the corn is high, it’s time for school and I hope you have an excellent start. I’ll be thinking of you!

    • I’ll pass your kind comments to Phoenix!

  3. Thank you Phoenix for blogging, especially when you write about Nana and Papak. You gave me some ideas to use with my grandchildren. Have a great year at school, and I look forward to hearing from you, whenever you visit us again on Nana’s blog.
    God bless you, Phoenix in all you do and may you share what you have learned this summer with your friends at school !😄

    • I let Phoenie know that there are some wonderful comments directed to him so I’m sure he’ll take a look!

  4. Sounds as though you have had an incredibly awesome summer Phoenie. I read and enjoyed your blogs every Monday. I have known your incredibly awesome Nana for many years and I know that you have inherited her ability to tell stories. Looking forward to hearing from you next summer. xoxo ‘Mrs. B.’

    • Maybe you’ll hear from Phoenie earlier than next summer! With all these encouraging comments, I think he will want to make some extra appearances on this blog throughout the year!

  5. Hey Phoenix!
    I’ve really enjoyed your contributions to Nana’s blog this summer. Is it really over so soon??
    You’ve really packed in lots of adventures into the summer this year.
    I’ve liked the way you look at life and make sense of it. Keep it up Phoenix.
    Writing your thoughts down helps you to see where you’re going by seeing where you’ve come from. Congratulations on being a wonderful itinerant blogger.
    Have a great year at school!!

    • You’re right – Phoenix has had an adventure-filled summer at Nana and Papak’s house. There’s always something to explore around here! I like the way that Phoenie sees life too! His next job will be to look up the word, “itinerant”! 🙂

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